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My laptop is still down. Worse, all the photos that I recently took (New Year’s Eve, Feast of the Wise Men, the San Pedro stroll that I had with Krystal, the trip to Unisan with Arnaldo and Momay, etc) using my newly bought digital camera have all been uploaded there. Our IT guy is still fixing it, but he’s having a hard time.

He said that the last option is to reformat everything in order for my laptop to work again. But that would mean bye-bye to all those photos and videos.

So right now, I can’t blog (c’mon, I don’t want to stay in an internet shop for hours).

Another lesson learned: after a viaje or festivity, blog about it immediately.


The reinvestigation of Philippine History — perilous?!

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In yesterday’s blogpost, I wrote:

Sometimes, I’d like to think that some unseen evil force is out to stop the four of us. And those pesky individuals who comprise that evil force were able to make toasted bread out of my laptop. =(

Perhaps I’ve become hopelessly paranoid after all this nationalistic chatter has rubbed off on me? =(

Why did I say that? Well, can you blame me when I receive a rather eerie email such as the one below (click on the image to get a clearer view)?

An eerie email I got from the national hero's great grandniece.

The above email was a response to the blogpost IS IT TRUE THAT OUR HISTORY IS NOT TRUE? which was posted a day after my laptop broke down.


My laptop’s down =(

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My company laptop’s down since yesterday due to a strong virus and a couple of pesky trojans. Thus, I am not able to blog nicely. Nor will I be able to work. =(

My other laptop –the one that Arnaldo gave me more than a year ago– is also stacked with other viruses and is already too old and freaking slow for usage. Thus, I have no other option but to wait for our IT specialist (a new guy in the office) to have it fixed. =(

Sometimes, I’d like to think that some unseen evil force is out to stop the four of us. And those pesky individuals who comprise that evil force were able to make toasted bread out of my laptop. =(

Perhaps I’ve become hopelessly paranoid after all this nationalistic chatter has rubbed off on me? =(

Hmmm… there’s too much sad emoticons on this blogpost…


Is it true that our history is not true?

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Is it true that much of what is written in Philippine history is not true?

Our unified answer: a resounding YES.

Read what we have to say about this controversial issue in our respective blogs:

1.) Señor Guillermo Gómez Rivera in FILHISPÁNICO.
2.) José Miguel García in PATRIA.
4.) Arnaldo Arnáiz in WITH ONE’S PAST.

As a Filipino with dignity and self-respect and who values his self-worth, what are you going to do about these treacherous lies?

Watch out for the launching of our website SOON.

Benevolent Assimilation?

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“Kill Everyone Over Ten” –General Jacob H. Smith–

The cartoon above was published in the New York Journal on 5 May 1902. It depicted the massacre of the people of Balañguiga, Sámar Oriental (Eastern Sámar). Children over ten years old were not spared. And this horrendous fact of Philippine history is rarely taught in school — if it is even taught at all.

Benevolent assimilation. My @$$!!!

I got my deleted files back!

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I can’t believe it! The unthinkable just happened (for the likes of me, it is unthinkable, LOL!!!)…


Two days ago, I wrote about the two mischances I experienced in Mt. Maquiling. One of them is accidentally deleting all the photos (including the video below) that I took using my newly bought Sony Cyber-Shot® Digital Camera W220. I thought I lost them all. But when two of my officemates —both computer geeks— heard of my ordeal, they thought that it was no problem at all.

They told me something that I’ve never heard of before: there are actually free softwares hanging around the netosphere which can retrieve deleted files from a computer or from digital cameras! They told me to google for it. And so I did. And voila! I found SnapFiles ®! The said software helps recover deleted files from one’s hard drive, from memory cards, and even from formatted or damaged drives!

SnapFiles is a godsend for the click-happy! And speaking of godsend, I’d like to thank my Hubwoo homies Eduardo “Dong” Gamallo and Marvin Duñgao for their assistance. =)

Meanwhile, before posting the photos, let me first show you this video (retrieved by SnapFiles ®!) which we took of ourselves (moi, Arnaldo, Louren, and Clinton of Hubwoo Manila) in the fabled boiling mudsprings of Mt. Maquiling (very near UP Los Baños)!

One problem down. One more to go…

…to finally conquer that mountain!


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Rizaliana (01/25/2010)

Me vs Mt. Maquíling: 0-2

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Yesterday, Arnaldo, I, and two of our officemates had a fun climb in Mt. Maquíling (using the famous and safer University of the Philippines Los Baños trail). It was my second try to scale its heights. My first one two years ago was a failure. And so was yesterday’s hike; we miscalculated the trip it would take us to Peak Two, the mountain’s highest point.

Adding insult to injury, all the photos I took of our climb were accidentally deleted! It still puzzles me up to now how it happened (I haven’t recovered yet from the shock). Fortunately, Arnaldo took his camera along. But those photos I took (including two short videos in the spectacular boiling Mud Springs) were numerous and more defined. I’m so frustrated I could’t even write further. =(

Photographs are memories, dammit…

An important lesson I’d like to share: NEVER DELETE UNWANTED PHOTOS FROM YOUR DIGITAL CAMERA. Start deleting only when they are all uploaded into your PCs.

Hit it baby, one more time: DAMMIT!

Photo taken last 2008 in Mt. Maquíling's Sto. Tomás trail (Batangas).

I’ll blog about this second Maquíling hike once I get the photos from Arnaldo. And once I have recovered from sheer disappointment. =(

United Philippine Tomatoes!

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Tomatoes! (01/22/2010)


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Ayala Avenue, Macati City (01/04/2010)

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