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My laptop’s down =(

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My company laptop’s down since yesterday due to a strong virus and a couple of pesky trojans. Thus, I am not able to blog nicely. Nor will I be able to work. =(

My other laptop –the one that Arnaldo gave me more than a year ago– is also stacked with other viruses and is already too old and freaking slow for usage. Thus, I have no other option but to wait for our IT specialist (a new guy in the office) to have it fixed. =(

Sometimes, I’d like to think that some unseen evil force is out to stop the four of us. And those pesky individuals who comprise that evil force were able to make toasted bread out of my laptop. =(

Perhaps I’ve become hopelessly paranoid after all this nationalistic chatter has rubbed off on me? =(

Hmmm… there’s too much sad emoticons on this blogpost…


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