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Back from Unisan / Calilayan

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We’re home!

Momay and I arrived just a few hours ago from our Unisan excursion. I’ll blog about it soon here and in ALAS FILIPINAS.

I was also looking for closure about what happened to me there more than three years ago. To be honest, I was even expecting rejection from some of its people. But it turned out that I’m not that “infamous” anymore, LOL! Nobody noticed me, save from the same pigs like SPO3 Danny Medina. Arnaldo and I were apprehended by the police on suspicion of being communist spies. But unlike what happened between police pig Medina and I three years ago, they were a bit cordial. They explained their “paranoia”, as well as the dangers posed by the communist insurgency in my dad’s hometown. “Very dangerous” indeed.

Also, I’m saddened about cases of illegal logging. One of my cousins confessed to me about the rampant logging that’s been going on there. I’ll also write about the worsening water pollution in Unisan.

And last but not the least, I’ll also write about the sad state of the idyllic and nostalgic Antilean houses (bahay na bató) in Unisan.

I regret to say this, but after three years, what I saw in Unisan only reaffirmed my stand. And it’s not just a “very dangerous” place to visit (as implied by the statement of the town’s police chief himself) — Unisan is not worth a tourist’s precious time. =(

At least, there’s Cueva de Bonifacio, but it’s several miles away from the población.

Till next time.


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  1. I am regretful that I was not able to join your trip to unisan last weekend due to a conflict in schedule.

    hope i could join another exciting trip in the future.

    tourism makes alot money. Every town government in the Philippines should learn that.



  3. Just got home from unisan, im not related to anyone from unisan. Just a tourist. Its a sleepy town. When we got there last night we headed first for a beach resort. On our third attempt we ended up renting a kind of shanty beach room, got it for a fare price of P500. When morning came we were a bit excited to swim, but alas to our surprise, the water is full of jellyfish which the locals call them as salabay or a specie of jellyfish thats named thereafter. And so….We decided to tour around unisan, weve visited the church, and buy a hairgel(i was out of it lol) from the local grocers. Im hoping to tell you more, but thats that. The beach are nice, but whats the purpose of the beach if you cant swim in it…but their nice to look at, and its nice to see them when we took pictures, a bit cinematographic. I hope you can enlighten me to what ive missed?


    • Yeah. The ancestral houses all over town and the Bonifacio Cave in Barrio Bonifacio (outside the población); it’s perfect for first-time spelunkers. But you will need a guide (and strong flash lights, of course). Next time you go there, look for my cousin Ronel Alas to guide you. Everybody in the población knows him.



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