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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Pope installs Tagle as new Filipino cardinal

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Pope installs Tagle as new Filipino cardinal.

Rejoice! Our country is blessed! 😀

Maguindanáo Massacre, now on its third year — but still no justice

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It’s been three years. THREE YEARS. Yet justice has not yet been served. Justice delayed is justice denied.

But let us take a brief moment to pray for the eternal repose of the victims. And pray that the criminals, whoever they are, will have a change of heart, and that may their consciences be moved…


The year of the “digital karma”

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In the Philippines, at least, the year 2012 has ushered in the “Age of the Digital Karma”.

Thrilla in NAIA (6 May 2012)

Motorist bullies MMDA officer (14 August 2012)

Man attacks female restaurant cashier (21 October 2012)

Amalayer (14 November 2012)

Moral lesson: RESTRAINT. If you don’t want to be the next viral superstar of the worst kind, take this 90s advice from Prettier Than Pink:

So next time you’re caught on camera doing the nastiest, don’t say that you were not informed.

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