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Pepe Alas

PEPE ALAS is José Mario Alas in real life. He was born in Ciudad de Lucena, Quezon (he still prefers calling the province by its original name: Tayabas) but grew up in the suburbs of Ciudad de Parañaque. He first learned how to read and write at the age of three. He has always dreamed of becoming a famous writer but to no avail. So now he’s stuck doing weblogs. In FILIPINO eSCRIBBLES, he doodles on and delineates almost everything that fancies him regarding his Filipino cosmos, but his focus is directed towards Filipino Identity. Pepe was already blogging in Friendster when he was recruited by veteran (and controversial) Pinoy netrepreneur JB Lazarte to contribute for SKIRMISHER. Afterwards, he launched his own blog ALAS FILIPINAS, the first and only Spanish-language blog in Filipinas. Pepe now lives in San Pedro Tunasán, La Laguna with his wife and five children. He struggles dividing his time as a family man, a corporate slave, and as a writer-poet. He also has the nerve to proclaim himself as a historian (oh joy). The Alas household speaks three languages: Spanish, English, and Tagalog. But the family tries to learn French — only when there’s french bread around for breakfast. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************

PEPE ‘s claim to 15-minute fame:

ANC SHOP TALK (“Career close-up: Historian”)
RAPPLER (“Equating storm surge to tsunami ‘dangerous’ – expert”)
THE PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER (“Marrying in ancient, sacred Catholic rites”)
LANGUAGE IN LITERATURE (Philippine Literature 7) (textbook)
PHILIPPINE ONLINE CHRONICLES (“On Filipinization and food: Cuisine as a metaphor for Pinoy identity”)
EL IDIOMA ESPAÑOL EN FILIPINAS (documentary on the history of the Spanish language in Filipinas)
THE PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER (“Young historian finds Laguna birth date”)
LA VANGUARDIA (“Divagaciones babélicas”)
REVISTA FILIPINA (“Bitácoras Filipinas en español”)
PANANAW (magazine, special pre-launch issue)
MANILA BULLETIN (“Part of history”)

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