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Is it true that our history is not true?

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Is it true that much of what is written in Philippine history is not true?

Our unified answer: a resounding YES.

Read what we have to say about this controversial issue in our respective blogs:

1.) Señor Guillermo Gómez Rivera in FILHISPÁNICO.
2.) José Miguel García in PATRIA.
4.) Arnaldo Arnáiz in WITH ONE’S PAST.

As a Filipino with dignity and self-respect and who values his self-worth, what are you going to do about these treacherous lies?

Watch out for the launching of our website SOON.


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  2. I’ll wait for your site! I have a lot to learn!


    • I do believe that an intelligent person will read stuff that even questions his beliefs.

      Besides, history books are very much written by men, thus, it is just right to inquire (not really question) materials left and right, agreeing and disagreeing.

      Away from this is mere bombardment.


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