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There are far too many stupid and irritating comments coming from nobodies who don’t have the guts to back their comments up with their actual identities. I don’t see why anyone has to hide behind a pseudonym when I myself am laid out all over the place for everyone to see. I don’t have anything to hide and neither should any of my readers.
Toto González

True. And during the recent months (last year), I have noticed a considerable rise on my blog’s stats. And because I don’t usually write acceptable material regarding Philippine History, Culture, and Identity, it is starting to become common for me to receive vitriolic messages from people who grew up living in anger and denial all their lives. That is why I am now compelled to do the same thing that Mr. González did: from now on, FILIPINO eSCRIBBLES will no longer publish comments from people with no real names or no reliable identity checks, and no email addresses that can be confirmed. And like Mr. González, I don’t care if this new policy will lessen my blog hits. I am after disseminating true and reliable information, not accumulating blog hits.

My other blog will soon follow this policy.

And please don’t consider this as some sort of censorship. It isn’t. You can hate my blogposts all you want. I never begged anyone to like them in the first place. I write to reveal, not to convince. So yes, it’s 100% OK to criticize my writings. I am not perfect. But please, do criticize me in a professional manner. Translation: do not resort to name-calling, condescension, insults, and the like. Such tactics produce only discord instead of a respectful exchange of ideas.

I have spoken. Thank you for reading this blog. ¡Qué tengan un buen día!

PS: Internet trolls are warned that if they continue their worthless and hate-filled comments, they’ll be damn sure that they will regret it. 😀

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