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Spread the love! Malate love! PT. 8 (Malate, Manila)

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Our Malate Valentine’s weekend stroll ends with this blogpost. =)

There are many homeless and hungry souls in the streets of Malate. =(

Near where the homeless people sleep, luxury establishments line up the district's impoverished streets.

But the Malate homeless don't go hungry all the time. And that is because of the piousness, generosity, and love of this Catholic university...

These hungry people patiently await the opening of St. Paul University Manila's gates for a hearty meal for free!

Yeyette learns more about their daily ordeal.

The little girl's mom asked for Yeyette's Valentine's balloon. And so she gave it to them as a Valentine's gift. Malate love!

St. Paul University Manila feeds hungry people (for free, of course) during Sundays.

With street philosophers!

The old lady offered her little granddaughter to us for adoption. But Yeyette politely declined, telling her the importance of a family staying together through good times or bad.

Their humble abode -- a pushcart.

An elder Manileña who was born during the last war, telling stories of how Malate looked like during her childhood days.

The university's charity program is about to begin.

Students distributing tickets to the poor. The tickets are convertible to free meals inside the university grounds. Unfortunately, Yeyette and I weren't allowed to go inside; they required as to write an official letter. And we had no more time for that. Maybe next time.

It would have jumped onto my neck if it weren't fettered.

What the local government failed to do, St. Paul University Manila accomplishes.

Saint Paul University Manila is owned and administered by the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres.

The University started out originally in 1911 as a Novitiate, a training center for young Filipino women wishing to become Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres, on a swampy piece of land in Malate.

Congratulations to the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres and to the students of St. Paul University Manila. You are doing God's work! Be proud of your inherent Malate love!

On our way back to Robinson's Place Manila, we saw these cute, jelly like stuff which can grow on water.

Valentine's Day articles being sold on the sidewalk.

Inside Robinson's Place Manila after the lovely street strolling.

Love conquers all!

The Valentine's weekend was a blast! We mingled and chatted and shared stories to so many Manileños of Malate! We then decided to go to my mom's place near the mall. We haven't seen her for almost three years! Time to spread the love even more!

We ended up with my mom and beautiful sisters in their condo unit inside one of Manila's tallest buildings!

With my mom. She's only 17 years older than me!

Happy Valentine's Month! Spread the love! Malate love! =)



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