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Daily Archives: February 18, 2010

Spread the love! Malate love! PT. 4 (Malate, Manila)

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Very early on Valentine’s morning, we saw a peculiar scene: Roxas Boulevard swarmed with thousands of joggers! We learned from a soldier-participant that we were actually witnessing the “Run for Your Heart” sporting event. The Philippine Sports Commission and the Filipino-Chinese Athletic Federation’s organized it. Alley Quisay, an armyman, won the marathon later that day.

What a lovely Malate Love morning!

When we woke up on Valentine's morning, we were surprised to see Roxas Boulevard without any vehicles...

...and there were too many joggers!

Even the military guys were at it!

Nobody's jogging here. The sprinters are all over the boulevard.

She'd rather run for my heart. =)

Did you know that former Manila Mayor Arsenio H. Lacson's first language was Spanish (vis-a-vis Hiligaynón)?

Yeyette and Mayor Lacson -- the finest Manila Mayor of all time!

This boulevard was once a beach! It was reclaimed during the American Occupation and was called Dewey Boulevard (1898-1941). The Japanese changed it to Banzai Boulevard (1942-1945). After the war, it was renamed to its present name: Roxas Boulevard!

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