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Confirmed: Press Secretary Cerge Remonde dies

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It is confirmed: one of Arroyo’s staunchest defenders, Press Secretary Cerge Remonde, is dead.

Cerge M. Remonde (21 December 1958 - 19 January 2010)

Arroyo press secretary dies—Palace

Press Secretary Cerge Remonde was pronounced dead at 11:51 a.m. Tuesday, according to a Palace official.

“This is a sad day for all of us,” said press undersecretary Butch Junia who broke the news through a text to media waiting outside Makati Medical Center where Remonde was rushed after he was found unconscious in his Bel-Air residence.

Junia quoted Doctor Eric Nubla, head of patient relations, in his text.

FILIPINO eSCRIBBLES may have attacked him in the past especially because of his annoying loyalty to this pseudopresidency that we currently have. But his death doesn’t mean that this blog is celebrating.

Our condolences to his loved ones.


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  1. May he rest in peace. Now that the press secretary is dead, who do you think will replace him in the palace?



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