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“Le” Cerge Remonde — I will survive?

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Arroyo press secretary being revived—Palace

Press Secretary Cerge Remonde has had a “major heart incident” and was being revived after he was found unconscious in his home Tuesday, a Palace official said in a radio interview.

Nagkaroón pó ng major heart incident sa kanyáng pamamahay sa [There was a major heart incident in his house in] Makati. So he had been brought to the hospital at the Makati Medical where they are currently trying to revive him,” said deputy presidential spokesman Gary Olivar.

“As far as I know yun po ang latest news sa akin [that is the latest news to me]. He’s in the status of being revived. But obviously, the situation changes from one minute to the next so I will keep everyone posted,” Olivar added.

Press Secretary Remondo (who is at this very moment struggling to be alive) with the Arroyos (who are still alive).

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