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Gretchen Is A Fine Actress; Even Tonyboy Is Catching Up!

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“Once a woman has given you her heart, you can never get rid of the rest of her.”
Sir John Vanbrugh (English Playwright, 1664-1726)

Guys, remember the John Estrada – La Greta smooch fest a few years ago?

Smoocheroo! We see you!

Smoocheroo! We see you!

According to a very reliable source, film siren Gretchen Barretto and business tycoon Antonio “Tonyboy” Cojuangco have already split because of this. Naturally, Tonyboy –or any self-respecting man– wouldn’t let go of a scandalous kiss just like that. My golly, he’s not a saint. Then after John, Dodie Punò followed.

The controversial couple have been on top of the denial game for so long you’d almost not believe that they’d ever split!

Believe it or not, Tonyboy and La Greta are already a done deal.

But now, what’s this?

Tonyboy strums, happy Greta hums

MANILA, Philippines—It’s only past 8 p.m. on a Monday but there’s already a full-house crowd at Strumm’s on Jupiter St. Makati.

The Electromaniacs, the club’s happy-hour band, is playing Earl Klugh. At one table near the back of the room sit Gretchen Barretto and a couple of friends. She’s here to watch partner Tonyboy Cojuangco, who seems to have found a new hobby as rhythm guitarist.

But Tonyboy is not just here to jam. He’s introduced as the band’s newest member. According to another Electromaniacs guitarist, Lenny de Jesus, “Tonyboy plays with us even in mall shows. The only time he’s absent is when he’s abroad.”

Onstage, the business tycoon looks serious and, well, businesslike — wearing reading glasses to read music sheets while strumming his acoustic guitar. He’s not the typical musician who would nod or groove along to the songs, or glance and smile at the audience.

But Gretchen says he’s having a good time: “He enjoys it. I’m glad because he’s overcoming his shyness through music.”

As the band ends a cover of the “Hawaii Five-O” theme, Lenny, who is also its manager and repertoire annotator, cracks a joke about the vintage nature of the music.

But surprisingly there’s a new batch of songs which The Electromaniacs have added to their set list, including Billy Joel (“Just the Way You Are,” “My Life,” “You May Be Right”), The Beatles (with John Lesaca jamming on vocals in “I Call Your Name” and “All My Loving”), Queen (“Crazy Little Thing Called Love”).

Gretchen says she likes retro music. “I was born in 1970 so I’m not familiar with the Electromaniacs. But slowly I’m getting the hang of it.”

The actress, who has recorded two CDs herself, remembers that Tonyboy wanted to play in one of the albums. “I teased him, ‘You need more practice,’” she said, laughing.

The band ends its set and Tonyboy joins Gretchen, finally breaking into a smile. His eyes light up each time somebody pats him on the back.

He has grown stubbles, too, perhaps his way of saying, “I’m with the band.” (

Can't remember if Antonio Luna had a band, but he was musical... oops, all right, I won't go there...

Can't remember if Antonio Luna had a band, but he was musical... oops, all right, I won't go there...

If they’ve buried the hatchet, good for them. Also, it only means this country suffers from a lack of celebrity sleuths… I say, if the above story is not true, Tonyboy’s undergoing private acting workshops to match La Greta’s movie acting.

Heck! What do we care with their private lives, anyway? Well, they’re high-profile public figures. And for that, the public owns them, LOL!

How does that song go again… ♩ ♬ that’s entertainment? ♩ ♬

Surely, La Greta will agree to that. Like all movie and TV personalities, she’s stricken with star complex. And she loves being in the limelight.

As for Tonyboy? Well, well, well, he’s got a lot of history to tell. But that’s a different (and serious) story.

Ayaw pakasalan ni Tony Boy, Gretchen kumalas na!
Gretchen, Tonyboy: Headed for splitsville?
Pagtatagpo nina Gretchen at John, aprubado ni Tonyboy!
Tonyboy did not kick out Gretchen Barretto – PEP
Tonyboy Forgives Gretchen


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  1. Hi. Your Dodie Punò link is a Visaya article. Any tagalog or english articles instead?


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