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Daily Archives: September 5, 2009

Everything’s Falling Into Place

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Everybody’s starting to bow down to the hesitant black horse.

Reaching new political heights which his father never did.

Reaching new political heights which his father never did.

After Mar Roxas III realized that his role isn’t the presidency, Pampanga Governor and Catholic priest Fr. Ed Panlilio discovered his true worth as well. And then all of a sudden, we hear that Vice Presidential hopeful Francisco “Kiko” Pañgilinan is also distancing himself from one of the highest posts of the land to give way to party unity.

It appears that everything is falling into the right place. But the only person that perhaps opposition leader Joseph “Erap” Estrada is waiting for to withdraw from the presidential race –for the sake of a unified and strong opposition against an unwanted administration– is Senator Manuel V. Villar.

So now begins the long wait if Villar isn’t really the trapo that his commercial jingle is singing about:

But wait… what’s this?!!!


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