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Daily Archives: September 21, 2009

There’s No Need For Martial Law — It Would Be Very Obvious

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Never again!

Never again!

Today’s headline in my favorite source of local net news,

Palace: No to martial law

Of course they’d say no. And it would be pretty obvious if Tita Glow would proclaim that infamous law which claimed thousands of Filipinos during the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ regime.

Thirty-seven years ago today (21 September 1972), Marcos issued Proclamation 1081 placing the entire archipelago under Martial Law; it was lifted in 1981. Within that time span, Martial Law claimed more than 6,000 lives (10,000 according to others). Since Arroyo usurped power in 2001, disappearances, harrasments, torture, and assassinations of political activists, journalists, and other political opponents, began. And she hasn’t even declared Martial Law yet.

What for? No such law is necessary in kidnapping and murdering anti-Arroyo people.

According to pundits, Arroyo’s government is worse than Apo Marcos’. It is stupid not to believe them.



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