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Metro Manila is being pummeled right now by Typhoon Santi.

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I went outside with an officemate just a few minutes ago. It’s no longer raining here in Alabang, Muntinlupà City. But hours ago, it was raining dogs and cats and cows and other assorted mammals. Man! The wind’s like crazy! The last time Metro Manila suffered a direct hit like this one was three years ago, and it was Typhoon Milenyo.

I went to the parking lot, which was almost empty, and looked up to the sky. Huge gray clouds were slowly moving in one hellish circle!

Typhoon Santi is here!

And too bad I don’t have a video camera with me. That’s what I’ll buy for myself this Christmas season.

This kind of weather always excites me. I don’t know why. I was screaming like a child outside as the wind was blowing up all over my body. And Dustin (my officemate) was very amused. Well, I told him earlier that a storm chaser’s my dream job.

This typhoon is a work of art! A magnificent creation of God!

Or should I say, of man?!

Climate change, anyone?


Typhoon Santi is here in Metro Manila!

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