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There’s a party in Manila Bay — and I hope it remains a party all through the night

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Miley Cyrus at the Mandarin Hotel in Ciudad de Macati yesterday.

As I write this, American actress and teenage pop singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus is currently partying with thousands of her Filipino fans at the SM Mall of Asia.

I just hope that she performs one of her popular songs and then change one of its lines to ♪ there’s a party in Manila Bay… ♫ to fit the setting.

And while she’s out there strutting her stuff in that huge Chinese-owned mall in Manila Bay, the Bureau of Immigration has alerted its intelligence people to be on the lookout against any possible terrorist attacks in the metro:

MANILA, Philippines – The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has alerted all its intelligence operatives following reports that members of the Asian terror group Jemaah Islamiyah were working with Abu Sayyaf group to bomb targets in Metro Manila, Commissioner Ricardo David, Jr. said Friday.

David also instructed BI operatives in the different ports of entry to be on heightened alert and be on the lookout for foreign terror suspects who might attempt to slip into the country.

At the same time, David ordered BI Intelligence Chief Maria Antonette Mangrobang to closely coordinate with military and police intelligence officials in verifying the report about the alleged presence of foreign terrorists here.

A scary scenario: what if —God forbid— they launch an attack on that Miley Cyrus concert tonight (I’m sure those Jemaah Islamiyah creeps would love to have her)?

A likely result: China will continue bullying the Philippines over the disputed Spratly Islands (a group of islands that is rightfully our own). In the end, those slit-eyed pseudo-commies will occupy them. And the Philippines will not be able to lift a finger because the US WASPs will not back us anymore due to that carnage in Manila Bay.

In the long run the Chinese will attack the whole country to avenge the destruction of their darling boy Henry Sy’s money-making machine along our historic bay. The old Chinese-Filipino families (Ongpín, Tantoco, Tuazon, Yuchengco, Cojuangco, etc.) might even throw their support to the new invaders.

So better pray. Pray that that party will have a happy ending. And that Miley will still be able to sing See You Again to her Filipino fans (heaven forbid that one, too).

Oh, why do I think morbid thoughts…?


Pinoy Friendster Day

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Pinoy Friendster Day!

Pinoy Friendster Day!

Hahaha! What’s this?! A swan song or something?

To all Friendster addicts, brace yourselves for what is hyped to be the biggest gathering yet of all Pinoy social networking users! It’s going to be held just a couple of days from now –15 August 2009, 4:00 PM– at the Music Hall of mammoth SM Mall of Asia.

But why just now when Facebook has snowballed into an unstoppable social networking giant in our shores?

And that’s the reason why I said “swan song” earlier because it appears that Facebook is slowly but surely climbing its way to the top of the heap, particularly here in the Philippines, the so-called texting and Friendster capital of the world. With Facebook’s multifarious and fun applications (Mafia Wars, FarmVille, my favorite Waka-Waka, Pet Society, etc.) which make wasting one’s time on the web much more enjoyable, it’s only a matter of time before we see Friendster give its second spot to Facebook. So far, according to internet information provider Alexa, Friendster is still on the number two spot in the country’s top 100 sites.

Although Friendster appears to have tweaked its site, offering apps as well (one can now adopt a pet by using Super Pets! ¡gaya-gaya!), it appears rather too late because as per Alexa, Friendster’s traffic history is going down the drain. Compare the graphs below:

Arroyo's ratings? Naaah, it's Friendster's.

Arroyo's ratings? Naaah, it's Friendster's.

Facebook: the new net religion!

Facebook: the new net religion!

But even without these graphs, all you have to do is look around you and observe. Almost every Filipino social networker out there has found a new home in Facebook! What also puzzles me is why more adults, as well as business executives, open up a Facebook account for themselves; as for Friendster, it’s generally popular only among the youth.

Although my Friendster account is still around, I’ve officially moved over to Facebook. I rarely visit Friendster anymore. Nevertheless, I’ll go check out what this Friendster event has to offer (it’s free to all Friendster users!) and find out if Friendster still has its power to captivate a generation. Anyway, I believe it will still take time before Facebook or any other social networking website to totally unseat Friendster from the Filipino psyche. Like it or not, Friendster has already been embedded into modern Pinoy pop culture.

Oh, by the way… is Waka-Waka the son of Pac-Man?

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