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Fun climb at Monte Maquiling (Monte Maquiling, Los Baños, La Laguna)

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Maquiling Rainforest Park

Me and some of my officemates went for a fun climb in Mt. Maquiling last 23 January 2010. It was my second time up there. The first time was in 2008 with two ex-officemates. We used the more difficult Santo Tomás, Batangas trail to reach the peak but failed because of a guide whom we thought was knowledgeable of the routes.

This time around, our group again failed. But it was our fault because we started our trek late in the morning. And we spent a lot of time at the Flat Rocks and in the Mud Spring. So that means Mt. Maquiling has defeated me twice! At any rate, I enjoyed both climbs. And I promise to conquer this mountain soon. Not twice but thrice. =)

Below are the photos (more photos in my Facebook account!):

My Hubwoo officemates, Louren Ganza and Clinton John Magdales.

There are so many of these red flowers in the ancient forest of Mt. Maquiling. I just don't know what it's called.

Arnaldo Arnáiz with Clinton and Louren (far left).

Running farther up.

Dwarfed by a tree.

Buco juice time!

Vehicles can go up to certain heights in Mt. Maquiling, making the trek much easier to many people.

The trek upwards continues.

The entrance to the picnic area.

The water below flowed out from the mud spring.

The boiling mud spring of Mt. Maquiling!

Steaming Hubwoo Manileños!

What lies beneath?

There are stalls in Mt. Maquiling selling refreshments to mountain climbers.

Sunlight was fading fast, and we frolicked too much at the mud spring and flat rocks areas. That's why --much to my regret-- we decided to go down.


Back to the registration site; just got down the mountain.

The farthest we reached was Águila Base.

Back to UPLB, very exhausted.

Mount Maquiling -- I'll be back. I promise.

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