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Now on its fourth year: still no good news on the Maguindanáo Massacre

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Photo: AP/Bullit Márquez

The grisly Maguindanáo Massacre is now on its fourth year, yet there is still less positive news for the deadliest incident in the history of news media. Because despite the overwhelming evidence, nobody has been sentenced yet. Incredible.

The perpetrators must be silently thanking Janet Nápoles and super typhoon Yolanda for stealing the limelight from them. But the scoundrels must have forgotten that Filipinos no longer have a short memory span — they will have to curse for social media for that.

Justice delayed is justice denied. But we’ll continue to be on guard. A-holes.

Maguindanáo Massacre, now on its third year — but still no justice

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It’s been three years. THREE YEARS. Yet justice has not yet been served. Justice delayed is justice denied.

But let us take a brief moment to pray for the eternal repose of the victims. And pray that the criminals, whoever they are, will have a change of heart, and that may their consciences be moved…

Maguindanáo Massacre: 2nd year (and counting?)

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We will never forget.

Maguindanáo Massacre. First Year

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We have not forgotten. We will never forget.

The Maguindanao Massacre Case is now on its fourth month

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This most horrible crime done to humanity in recent years is now on its fourth month. And with each passing day, the issue is, bit by bit, being buried by carnival news regarding the current election campaign. I am afraid that this case still pending in court will soon be forgotten and be, like many major crimes in the country, relegated into the back burner. So I say again — JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED!

Maguindanao massacre: when shall justice be served?

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We shall never forget.

The Maguindanáo Massacre case was on its third month yesterday. Have our politicians forgotten? Is there any significant development? How long will this issue take? When shall justice be truly served?


We should never forget the memory of the victims, especially those evil dogs who murdered them in cold blood. May this case not be shelved and considered as another one of those unsolved crimes in police archives steadily gathering dust and cobwebs.

We should never forget. Ever.

Even judges are misled over the definition of Filipino

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Yesterday, during Maguindanáo Massacre suspect Andal Ampatuan, Jr.’s arraignment, the embattled mayor’s lawyer, Sigfrid Fortún, ridiculously lied through his teeth:

A collective hiss was heard in the courtroom when defense lawyer Sigfrid Fortún expressed doubt his client Ampatuan would understand the criminal charges filed against him if they were read in English.

“He only speaks Maguindanaon … and currently we do not have our own interpreter,” Fortún told Judge Reyes.

The hiss rose to loud murmurs when Fortún volunteered to ask his client if he “understands Tagalog.”

The judge (Jocelyn Solís Reyes) corrected Fortún, telling him to ask Ampatuan whether he “understands Filipino.”

I just couldn’t believe how this esteemed lawyer made a blatant lie about Mayor Ampatuan’s language. Many have seen video clips of the controversial mayor on TV. He was behind bars while answering reporter’s queries. And they were all conversing in Tagalog!

Equably laughable is how the judge “corrected” Fortún with the term Filipino.

This always gets my goat.

It’s not Filipino. It’s Tagalog. Why? Click here. ‘Di co na maipápaliwanag dahil may pasoc pa acó mámayang gabí.

Lying inside a courtroom is an atrocity. But being ignorant on linguistic matters is pitifully outrageous, especially from a trial judge. Sadly, what do they care?

O, Sigfrid... iregalo mo sa cliente mo at nang matuto. Bacá casí Kris-Aquino Taglish pa ang alám niyán, eh.

To read the rest about the Ampatuan arraignment, click here.

Judge Luisito Cortez of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court: a coward of the highest order

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For Quezon City RTC Judge Cortez, cowardice and injustice perfectly rhyme and jibe.

“You must just have to bring yourself first in the line of fire, that’s the job of a judge.” And that’s Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s rightful comment following Judge Luisito Cortez’s refusal to try the suspects of the gruesome Maguindanáo Massacre.

Judge Cortez said that the reason why he inhibited himself from the celebrated case is that he fears for his life and for the safety of his family. It’s obvious that he dreads the suspects — the powerful Ampatuan clan of Maguindanáo. Of course, nobody wanted one’s family to be put in harm’s way. But Judge Cortez should’ve known about the hazards of entering the world of Philippine Judiciary a long time ago, back while he was still studying law in San Beda College during the 80s.

It is unfortunate that the blood of the 57 victims of that senseless November 23rd bloodbath have been disrespected once again.

This is cowardice of the highest order. Judge Cortez has shamed his profession. Lady Justice has just been stripped naked.

E ‘di sana nagtindá na lang siyá ng tocneneng. O cayá naglacó na lang ng alátires. Más ligtás na trabajo yun, ¿’di bá?

Gift-giving of guns for the Ampatuans?

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Gifts meant only for cowards.

We’re in the thick of the Holiday Season. So let’s talk about gift-giving! And with all the evidence piling up against them, it’s like “deck the halls with bags of bullets” for the Ampatuan caboodle.

Some seized firearms of Ampatuans were gifts from politicians

Some of the high-powered firearms that the influential Ampatuan clan issued to its private armies were “gifts” from two politicians, acting Defense Secretary Norberto Gonzales disclosed Monday.

According to Gonzales, the names of the two government officials cropped up during the investigation into the Nov. 23 massacre of 57 people in a town named after the Ampatuans.

“We do have names and some are kind of heartbreaking,” he said in a news briefing in Camp Aguinaldo.

Gonzales said the clan’s patriarch, Andal Ampatuan Sr., would often ask for firearms in exchange for the favors that he and his family provided to other politicians.

If this find is true, then wow — it’s surprising to know that even devils know how to exchange gifts!

Martial Law no more in Maguindanáo

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“In view of the accomplishments of martial law and the suspension of the privilege of the habeas corpus under Proclamation 1959, the Cabinet has recommended the lifting of martial law and which the President has approved,” Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita announced earlier today.

Martial Law in Maguindanáo.

Finally, they’ve come to their senses: Martial Law has been lifted in non-rebellious Maguindanáo. It’s about time. There is really no state of rebellion in the province. Plain and simple. Martial Law may have been justified, say, if it was directed against MILF aggression. But the group has been quiet for a long time. So why place the province under military rule?

When an alleged coup d’état against the Arroyo Administration last 2006 was discovered by the military, the country was placed only under a state of emergency. But Arroyo could’ve easily placed the country –or at least Metro Manila where “much of the action” was planned out– under Martial Law no matter what her critics say about it. But she didn’t. On the other hand, Arroyo could’ve just placed Maguindanáo under a state of emergency instead of declaring Martial Law. But again, she didn’t. Which makes her political behavior more confusing and suspect.

Theories have been put forward about the Maguindanáo Martial Law debacle. Many legal experts say that if the province is placed under Martial Law, then the murder raps filed against the Maguindanáo Massacre suspects, the Ampatuan clan (particularly Datu Unsay Mayor Andal Ampatuan, Jr.), will be relegated to rebellion. And it is said that punishment for rebellion is surprisingly lighter compared to murder. It is likely that it was the real motive. After all, the Ampatuan clan is an Arroyo ally. Arroyo has a debt of gratitude to the embattled Muslim clan. It’s not really doubtful that they collabarated against FPJ’s electoral downfall in ARMM, particularly in Maguindanáo, during the 2004 Philippine National Elections.

Even the manner the mayor of Datu Unsay was taken in by authorities from his posh mansion in Maguindanáo to the National Bureau of Investigation headquarters in Manila was tainted with “royal preference”. If the massacre was headed by an ordinary person, the “arrest” would have been different. It could’ve been nasty. Punches and curses could’ve been thrown here and there. There could’ve even been blood. But no, that wasn’t the way it happened with the mayor. And it only reveals how unequal justice is in this country.

Afterwards, the arresting party claimed that the chopper they used to bring the primary suspect to Luzón was attacked “from the ground” by gunfire from unknown assailants. They said that Mayor Ampatuan was shocked. It was hilarious, really; nobody up to now took their claim seriously. That incident even died as soon as it was revealed to the media. And I could be the only person writing about.

Based on the foregoing, it appears that there is an obvious attempt to exonerate Mayor Ampatuan to the public by making him appear to be the victim, the downtrodden, the oppressed. But they only made him more ridiculous and hated and laughable. Nobody bought the chopper shooting incident.

You see, folks, the majority of Filipinos may have been wallowing in poverty for decades. But that doesn’t mean that the Filipino people are stupid. They have been through a lot of hell, and much of that hell was from the original Martial Law of Marcos. We’ve learned our lesson in blood.

The Filipino people are not stupid like what Arroyo and her lackeys think they are.


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