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Now on its fourth year: still no good news on the Maguindanáo Massacre

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Photo: AP/Bullit Márquez

The grisly Maguindanáo Massacre is now on its fourth year, yet there is still less positive news for the deadliest incident in the history of news media. Because despite the overwhelming evidence, nobody has been sentenced yet. Incredible.

The perpetrators must be silently thanking Janet Nápoles and super typhoon Yolanda for stealing the limelight from them. But the scoundrels must have forgotten that Filipinos no longer have a short memory span — they will have to curse for social media for that.

Justice delayed is justice denied. But we’ll continue to be on guard. A-holes.


Maguindanáo Massacre, now on its third year — but still no justice

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It’s been three years. THREE YEARS. Yet justice has not yet been served. Justice delayed is justice denied.

But let us take a brief moment to pray for the eternal repose of the victims. And pray that the criminals, whoever they are, will have a change of heart, and that may their consciences be moved…

Maguindanáo Massacre: 2nd year (and counting?)

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We will never forget.

Maguindanáo Massacre. First Year

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We have not forgotten. We will never forget.

The Maguindanao Massacre Case is now on its fourth month

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This most horrible crime done to humanity in recent years is now on its fourth month. And with each passing day, the issue is, bit by bit, being buried by carnival news regarding the current election campaign. I am afraid that this case still pending in court will soon be forgotten and be, like many major crimes in the country, relegated into the back burner. So I say again — JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED!

Maguindanao massacre: when shall justice be served?

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We shall never forget.

The Maguindanáo Massacre case was on its third month yesterday. Have our politicians forgotten? Is there any significant development? How long will this issue take? When shall justice be truly served?


We should never forget the memory of the victims, especially those evil dogs who murdered them in cold blood. May this case not be shelved and considered as another one of those unsolved crimes in police archives steadily gathering dust and cobwebs.

We should never forget. Ever.

Even judges are misled over the definition of Filipino

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Yesterday, during Maguindanáo Massacre suspect Andal Ampatuan, Jr.’s arraignment, the embattled mayor’s lawyer, Sigfrid Fortún, ridiculously lied through his teeth:

A collective hiss was heard in the courtroom when defense lawyer Sigfrid Fortún expressed doubt his client Ampatuan would understand the criminal charges filed against him if they were read in English.

“He only speaks Maguindanaon … and currently we do not have our own interpreter,” Fortún told Judge Reyes.

The hiss rose to loud murmurs when Fortún volunteered to ask his client if he “understands Tagalog.”

The judge (Jocelyn Solís Reyes) corrected Fortún, telling him to ask Ampatuan whether he “understands Filipino.”

I just couldn’t believe how this esteemed lawyer made a blatant lie about Mayor Ampatuan’s language. Many have seen video clips of the controversial mayor on TV. He was behind bars while answering reporter’s queries. And they were all conversing in Tagalog!

Equably laughable is how the judge “corrected” Fortún with the term Filipino.

This always gets my goat.

It’s not Filipino. It’s Tagalog. Why? Click here. ‘Di co na maipápaliwanag dahil may pasoc pa acó mámayang gabí.

Lying inside a courtroom is an atrocity. But being ignorant on linguistic matters is pitifully outrageous, especially from a trial judge. Sadly, what do they care?

O, Sigfrid... iregalo mo sa cliente mo at nang matuto. Bacá casí Kris-Aquino Taglish pa ang alám niyán, eh.

To read the rest about the Ampatuan arraignment, click here.

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