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Sunday Sermon

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José Mario Alas

♪ …it’s OK to eat fish coz they don’t have any feelings… ♫ –Kurt Cobain–

Death is peace.
Peace is a
of fish out of
water. Water is
Mother of Peace,
grant us a piece
of peace and a
basket of fish
multiplied for a
multitude both
hungry and thirsty
for the
Word made Flesh.
This humble piece
of flesh of
salted fish
slowly frying on
an open fire is a
flowery testament
of joyful sparks
of merriment, hope,
and peace. Of mind
and body. Peace of
mind is what
nourishes the body
made up of a school
of wishful fishes
out of water:
dancing, singing,
serenading the hot
winds of change and
decay. Decay, yes,
because Death is
singing to the
steely tunes
of Apollo’s cursed
harp whose strings
are made up of fish-


Copyright © 2010
José Mario Alas
Manila, Philippines
All rights reserved.

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