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COMELEC displays classic Pinoy legislative execution

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Stars told to go on leave

Dolphy, Kris Aquino, and Willie Revillamé will have to go on leave from their television shows if they continue to endorse candidates, the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) said Wednesday.

The PPCRV said the Fair Election Act made it mandatory for actors, columnists and other mass media personalities endorsing candidates to resign or take a leave from their TV shows or media outfits during the campaign period.

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) said it was prepared to implement this provision of the law (

The multi-million-peso strong Manny Revillaramé tandem!

What the F?! Prepared to implement an already existing law when the damage has already been done?! So does this mean that COMELEC just warms its @$$ while waiting for an election-related offense before it implements already existing laws? But I thought laws are implemented to prevent offenses to ever happen.

For sure, this setup is no different from other bureaucracies and local institutions.

Baloney. But stupid me… what should I expect from Pinoy legislation?

That’s it. Nothing but baloney.

So bring on the celebrities. Leave them alone. Celebrities and politicians are no different from each other.

In Pinoy politics, entertainment comes first before legislation. The latter’s going to be disrespected, anyway. So what the heck, just bring it on! We need more fun!


Wynne Arboleda — for life!

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Yep. You got that right, sports fans. That’s the title of today’s blogpost: Wynne Arboleda — for life!

I say — ban him for life!

Just look at what this scumbag did:

Arboleda sacked for the rest of the season

The Philippine Basketball Association threw the full weight of the rulebook at ruthless Burger King guard Wynne Arboleda, suspending him for the rest of the young season without pay for attacking a fan at courtside on Friday.

Arboleda, who stands to lose about P2.73 million in income, went after the fan late in the second quarter of the BK-Smart Gilas game, landing a kick and throwing several punches before he was restrained by Araneta Coliseum security and teammates.

League commissioner Sonny Barrios said there was no justification for the attack, which came after Arboleda, a son-in-law of Burger King owner Bert Lina, had already been assessed two flagrant fouls earlier in the game.

“Even granting that said fan was foul-mouthed and verbally abusive … there is a ‘line’ that a PBA player cannot and should not cross: To physically harm a fan,” said Barrios in announcing the PBA’s action on Arboleda. (

Arboleda is best known for his tight defense and notorious for his flagrant fouls against opposing players. But last Friday, he’s gone over the edge by attacking die-hard Smart Gilas fan Alain Katigbac. The fan was apparently heckling the irate Arboleda for his flagrant fouls. The fan got into Arboleda’s goat. And so the fan got what he deserved.

If you ask me, both Arboleda and Katigbac got what they deserved. They’re both morons of the highest order.

If this Arboleda character is still allowed to strut his dirty stuff for the next season, the Philippine Basketball Association should better remove its “professional basketball” tag. Why call itself a professional sports institution when it has a thug in its roster?

Arboleda put shame not only to his name. He also shamed his team (particularly the famous brand name Burger King). And he shamed the league itself.

Worse, the league has the adjective “Philippine” on it.

This Arboleda guy’s no Ron Artest. But it appears he’s trying to be one. What a jerk.

So ban Arboleda. Ban Katigbac from watching live PBA events as well; he started this riot in the first place. And ban those inefficient guards. If they’ve been attentive, no physical altercation would have happened.

Ban Barrios from the PBA as well for not meting out the same punishment to San Miguel Beermen Danny Ildefonso and Mark Pingris; they also tried to attack a fan last July.

Ban those referees who officiated those controversial games — they were the ones who should’ve pacified the players temperament first since they were the nearest to them.

Heck, ban those fans! You can’t stop them from heckling! Especially those die-hard and oftentimes unruly Ginebra fans! Get a life! Sonny Jaworski’s no longer around!

And in order to ban those Ginebra fans, the PBA should get rid of the Ginebra Gin Kings. In order to do that, they’d have to get rid of their liaisons with its owner, Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco, Jr., who in turn got rid of another Junior: Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino (uh-oh).

And yes, let’s also get rid of Ninoy’s son Noynoy. He’s just on top of the popularity game because of his parents. Besides, he’s shown his true colors: he’s anti-life. Tita Cory must be turning in her grave.

Now we’re talking about the Cojuangco’s, the heirs of the “legendary” Antonio Luna – Ysidra Cojuangco treasures. Get rid of them, too! They’re a nuisance to the Filipino race. Their notorious wealth should’ve been ours in the first place. And then there’s notorious Taglish queen Kris Aquino who’s got a cager for a loser husband who cowardly ran away from an attacking North American Negro (who should also be banned from coming back to the Philippines). Damn them. Yes, ban them for good from our national patrimony.

Ban Gilbert Teodoro (another Cojuangco scion) from helping the typhoon victims; he’ll surely use that as a leverage in the upcoming election campaign for the 2010 Philippine National Elections.

Ban everyone from his party. They’re no longer trusted, for pete’s sake!!!

Ban politics altogether!!! Let’s bring back monarchy! It has been more effective, tried and tested for more than three hundred years!


Go Wynne! You did it for me, you lousy piece of Luneta Park trash!

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