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Pacquiáo wins! However…

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…many who have seen that match, even fellow Filipinos, doubt Pacman’s victory. Pacman won via majority decision: 114-114, 115-113, 116-112. But it was clear in Márquez’s every move that he had thoroughly studied Pacman’s fighting style. To his credit, the Mexican’s battle plan was evenly calculated and impressive.

It should be noted that all Pacquiáo-Márquez matches are not without any controversy. On their first meeting, in 2004, the match ended in a draw; Pacquiáo was believed to have won that match especially since he knocked Márquez three times in the first round. They fought again in 2008. Pacquiáo won via split decision that time, but many (including yours truly) believed that it was Márquez’s moment.

Now many are crying a screwjob. If true, who’s fault then? Definitely not Pacman’s. Besides, Pacman still fought like the champion that he is. Unlike Floyd The Chicken (and Victor Ortiz), Pacman fought cleanly.

As of this writing, the local internet community is disappointed with the win. But what shines here is their honesty. Even if we Filipinos were all rooting for Pacman to win, we didn’t want it to end that way — in doubt. But why doubt that win? Are we all boxing experts? Aside from what we saw in that match, what do we really know about how a boxing match should be scored?

At any rate, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiáo is still the world’s best pound-for-pound prize fighter. But a Pacquiáo-Márquez IV should be in the offing. Make it happen.


Manny Pacquiáo vs Juan Manuel Márquez III live streaming

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Watch Manny Pacquiáo vs Juan Manuel Márquez today right here, LIVE and CLEAR!

Pacman beats Mosley to retain his WBO title

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I didn’t even watch this match. I knew all along that Pacquiáo is going to win. Also, I was expecting it to be a boring match from the get-go because he was up against a boxer nearing retirement.

And I was not mistaken. Nina Calleja of the Philippine Daily Inquirer wrote:

Having used to watching Manny Pacquiáo’s opponents stumble after a few rounds, most in the crowd at a cinema in the SM Megamall were dissatisfied with the game.

In the second round when the African-American Shane Mosley fell after a strong blow from Pacquiáo, the audience grew wild, and many threw their fists up in the air in truimph.

But during the succeeding rounds, the crowd was unusually silent, many with their hands propping up their chins as though watching a regular film.

Whether it’s a boring match or not, congratulations are in order.


Oh, yes, Manny the Mexicutioner knows some Spanish because of all those Mexican ring warriors he destroyed! ¿Escuchas eso, Juan Manuel Márquez?

Read the full report here.

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