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A porkless Christmas threatens us all!

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What?! No pork?!

(To the tune of Weezer) — Say it ain’t so!

What would become of our noche buena (and media noche) without our beloved jamón?!

No hamon or even pork adobo for many this Xmas

It may be a blue Christmas for many pork-loving Filipino families. Powerful storms and widespread flooding in recent weeks killed many pigs, creating a looming pork shortage that will be felt most during the holiday season.

Meanwhile, meat importers have been unable to secure adequate overseas supplies to make up for the shortfall. The result could be sky-high prices.

Even those families who save up for a hearty noche buena may be unable to buy pork. Click here for more.

And with global warming making things worse for us each passing year –this time destroying much of our livestock–, former matinee idol Richard Gómez thinks it is best to grab as much “pork” as he can.


This guy just won't stop.

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