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Ah, this humble blog survived its first year!

It is unfortunate, though, that I was not able to prepare a heavyweight blogpost for this very special day which happens to be my 31st birthday, too (my “last year in the calendar”, LOL!!!). It has been a very busy day because we timed it on the Christening of our two youngest children — Jesús Felipe (Jefe) and Juan Pablo Benedicto (Juanito). Aside from other friends, my brothers-in-arms Arnaldo Arnáiz and José Miguel García were the godfathers (Arnaldo for Jefe, and tocayo for Juanito). The solemn rite was held at Saint Peter the Apostle Church, just near our place.

With Jefe and Juanito's respective godparents. Taken this morning at the Saint Peter the Apostle Church in San Pedro, La Laguna. Behind us is the historic wooden Cross of Tunasán.

Reception followed at Uncle Inong Restaurant in nearby Ciudad de Muntinlupà. More friends arrived. At the restaurant, Arnaldo, JMG, and I got to discuss our favorite topic: Philippine History and related events over bottles of liquor and great food. We also discussed plans of launching our own website to promote our not-so-popular advocacy.

Reception at Uncle Inong Restaurant, Tunasán, Ciudad de Muntinlupà.

Anyway, I’m somewhere in Alabang right now, having a couple of bottles with old friends. I’ll catch up soon. 🙂

Molokai Grill, Greens and Grills, Festival Supermall, Alabang, Ciudad de Muntinlupà.

I’m mighty proud that FILIPINO eSCRIBBLES got this far. Happy 1st year anniversary! Thank you Lord God! And thank you to all the faithful readers! May the good Lord Almighty bless us all and give us more enlightenment!

Start spreading more mirth and love! =)


Lingerie For Lola

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More than a week ago, I accompanied wifey to Bare Essentials, a lingerie shop located in Festival Supermall (Alabang, Muntinlupà City). As I was waiting outside, I couldn’t help myself being amused by the scene below:

Lola be free? LOL!

Lola be free? LOL!

Maybe this elderly lady never had the chance to wear the kind of linen goods being displayed by Bare Essentials, LOL! But of course, such provocatively designed undergarments weren’t available during her prime. And this is what perhaps she’s discussing to her grandson:

Lola seeking advice from grandson, LOL!

Lola seeking advice from grandson, LOL!

They left after a few minutes of horsing around by the glass windows, blocking my view, hehe! At least, I had their photos, LOL!

No, lola didn’t go inside the shop — but I did, hahaha!

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