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Easter Sunday 2013 is the 492nd anniversary of the first Mass in the Philippines!

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DID YOU KNOW? Today, Easter Sunday, is the 492nd anniversary of the first Mass in our country that was celebrated in Isla Mazaua! It happened on 21 March 1521 which was also an Easter Sunday!

The traditional “salubong” between our Lord Jesus Christ (left) and His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary (right). Photo taken early this morning by Yeyette Perey de Alas at our town plaza.

It was Fernando de Magallanes, otherwise known as Ferdinand Magellan, who ordered the celebration of the Holy Mass in Mazaua. It was officiated by Fray Pedro de Valderrama (O.S.A.). It is sad to note that Magallanes, a devout Roman Catholic and a kind-hearted gentleman, is one of the most vilified and hated characters in Philippine History today when, ironically, he was the catalyst for the birth of Christianity in our country.

Something is just not right. Something is obviously twisted. We are a Christian —a Catholic— nation. Yet we hate the medium that brought our beloved faith to our shores.

It is the bitterness that was taught to us in US-centric schools that inhibits us from discovering the truth about ourselves. Indeed, “those years cry for a fresher appraisal“. I pray that Easter Sunday 2013 will be the commencement of the “resurrection” of our buried but glorious past.

Happy Easter everyone!


Easter Sunday 2012

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Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter!!!

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1 But at daybreak on the first day of the week they took the spices they had prepared and went to the tomb.
2 They found the stone rolled away from the tomb;
3 but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus.
4 While they were puzzling over this, behold, two men in dazzling garments appeared to them.
5 They were terrified and bowed their faces to the ground. They said to them, “Why do you seek the living one among the dead?
6 He is not here, but he has been raised.
Luke 24:1-6

Rejoice! The Lord is risen! Happy Easter everyone! =)

New American Bible
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
3211 4th Street, N.E., Washington, DC 20017-1194 (202) 541-3000
December 09, 2002 Copyright © by United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Easter Sunday Conundrum

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I know that Easter Sunday falls on 4 April this year. But I couldn’t think of anything to write for today. Mind’s exhausted from too much pondering on historico-religious stuff (not to mention the beating it got from eProcurement the whole shift). So here’s a poem I wrote about a year ago…

José Mario Alas

As I watch
The Passion of the Christ
I eat vegetables for a change
During the part
Where the Son of Man
Was reduced to a bloody
Piece of mollified meat.
And then I begin to wonder:
How did God the Father above
Feel as He was watching His
Son scourged and beaten and

“Quid est veritas?”
Asked the consul.
I say:
The truth
Is in
The vegetables
That I eat.


Copyright © 2010
José Mario Alas
Manila, Philippines
All rights reserved.

James Caviezel playing the role of Jesus Christ in the 2004 film The Passion of the Christ.

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