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Noynoy & Mar vs the Evil Empire: Who Else Will Join The THIRD PARTY?

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Mar Roxas III & Noynoy Aquino III: the 'THIRD' Party!

Mar Roxas III & Noynoy Aquino III: the 'THIRD' Party!

He’s not a trapo after all.

In a shocking development, Senator Mar Roxas III announced that he’s backing out from the presidential race to support fellow Liberal Party member Noynoy Aquino III. The announcement was made yesterday during a conference held at the historic Club Filipino (were Noynoy’s mom Corazón Aquino took her oath as President of the Philippines way back in 1986):

“Today I am announcing my support for the candidacy of Noynoy Aquino for president in 2010,” Roxas told Liberal Party members and supporters.

“Noy has made it clear to me that he wants to carry the torch of leadership,” he said. “I do this (step aside) for unity in support of change and that means that somebody must make a sacrifice. It must be me.”

The two “Thirds” (they both share ‘III’ at the end of their respective last names) are a force to reckon with, perhaps the perfect tandem to possibly halt ousted President Joseph Estrada’s plans of backing out from the most anticipated presidential election in recent history.

Erap has been vocal these past few weeks, saying that the only reason for him not to run for the presidency is when the opposition fields only a single candidate.

As of this writing, Makati Mayor Jejomar Bínay and Senator Manuel Villar, both from the opposition, are yet to make a final statement whether or not they would support Noynoy or still pursue their political ambitions. But Erap said that he’ll still woo other presidentiables from the opposition to unite and fight whoever Gloria Macapagal Arroyo will anoint.

It will be remembered that in the 2004 presidential elections, the massive electorate who sided with the opposition were divided between Pánfilo “Ping” Lacson and legendary icon (Erap’s bestfriend) Fernando Poe, Jr. Both were well-loved and supported by the masses. But since the votes were divided between the two of them, the results proved to be disastrous: Ping ended up second to FPJ’s votes while the latter was blatantly cheated all the way to high heavens.

Noynoy is still hesitant whether or not he should run. But with Mar Roxas’ stirring announcement (quite possibly he’ll run as Noynoy’s Vice President), that could possibly be the nail in the coffin for Noynoy’s decision-making. Besides, Mar has already spent millions of pesos with all those television advertisement of his. It’s not that easy to back out from the presidency especially when millions have already been spent, and Noynoy knows this. Besides, with the recent passing of her “icon of democracy” mom (not to mention the recent Ninoy Aquino holiday last August 21), this is the perfect time for him to ride on the heels of the so-called “Cory Magic”. It’s back, still fresh, still strong, still sporting the bright yellow in the minds of the populace. All he has to do is to keep it burning, to keep the momentum going.

Hopefully this time, the opposition will learn from mistakes of the past. It’s still September — plenty of time to THINK.

Who else will join the Third Party?


Farewell, Tita Cory…

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President Corazón “Cory” Aquino — the icon of democracy, Asia’s first woman president, champion of modern Filipino freedom — has finally been reunited with her spouse, fellow freedom fighter Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, together with the Lord God in heaven…

My kids watching Tita Cory's funeral on live TV (with a magazine about her, published right after the 1986 People Power Revolution)

My kids watching Tita Cory's funeral on live TV (with a magazine about her, published in 1986)

As of this writing, her remains are still being carried off in a mammoth parade from the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros towards her final resting place in Manila Memorial Park, Parañaque City. She is to be buried beside her husband’s simple grave.

It was raining profusely since last night (it seems the skies were crying, too), but countless Filipinos kept vigil outside the Manila Cathedral during the final morning mass for her (with a touching sermon by Tita Cory’s spiritual adviser Fr. Catalino Arévalo, S.J.). But as soon as her coffin was taken outside the historic church, the torrent miraculously stopped — having lived a life of prayer and faith, don’t even think it’s just coincidence.

It’s unfortunate that I work the night shift (and I still have a lot of eProcurement documents to track down right after this); I couldn’t cover this historic moment live. So I just content myself watching the whole event unfold on ABS-CBN Channel 2.

Kris Aquino, assisted by a religious, laying down a silver crucifix on top of her mom's coffin (ABS-CBN).

Kris Aquino, assisted by a religious, laying down a silver crucifix on top of her mom's coffin (ABS-CBN).


Tita Cory and Senator Ninoy: together again.

Tita Cory and Senator Ninoy: together again.

After 23 years, Cory Magic is back on the streets! The massive throng, the yellow clothing and confetti, the Laban hand sign being displayed by those who honor her… almost everything reminiscent of the original EDSA People Power Movement have returned even if just for one day, for one final moment.

In Facebook, my dear friend and fellow blogger Arnold is teasing me that I’m a Cory fan. A Cory fan I am not (I even used to despise her for having approved the death of the Spanish language in the country). But ever since she apologized to Joseph Estrada for having made the terrible mistake of supporting today’s most unpopular Filipina (aside from having lived a life of prayer and faith), she earned my full respect and praise. Thus I am sure that if she only knew more about the importance of the Spanish language in our country, she wouldn’t have approved its deletion as one of our official languages in our current constitution.

And if memory serves right, Tita Cory is the only Filipina politician who has apologized publicly for her mistake; Mrs. Arroyo’s pathetic “I am sorry” speech doesn’t even prove anything because she is still desperately holding onto Malacañang.

Tita Cory has left us not just a legacy of freedom, democracy, and a prayerful life; she has also taught us the goodness of humility and repentance.

Let us be thankful that she has left a world of pain. She is now in a much better place, the greatest place in the universe.

From FILIPINO SCRIBBLES and ALAS FILIPINAS, let us hear this legendary cheer for one last time… CORY! CORY! CORY! CORY! CORY! CORY! CORY! CORY! CORY! CORY!!!

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