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The Filipino people and the Spanish language (according to Quezon)

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The Latin American people believed and feel that we Filipinos form past of that vast family, the children of Spain. Thus, although Spain ceased to govern those countries many years ago and although another nation is sovereign in the Philippines, those Latin-American peoples feel themselves as brothers to the people of the Philippines. It is the Spanish language that still binds us to those peoples, and the Spanish language will bind us to those peoples eternally if we have the wisdom and patriotism of preserving it.
—Manuel Quezon—

The abovementioned Quezon quote was culled from the book Chulalongkorn’s Elephants: The Philippines in Asian History (Looking Back 4) by renowned historian Ambeth Ocampo. The said book is available in popular bookstores nationwide for only ₱95.00. It would make a perfect Christmas gift for history buffs.

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