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Expansionist Red China vs Imperialist Uncle Sam

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Red China vs the US WASPs? Yes. I hate sounding like a warmonger here, but it is bound to happen. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. No two empires in history ever existed at the same time. So one must fall.

And their battleground? Hapless República de Filipinas, of course.

Relying on US support, the Philippines is so arrogant as to announce in the New Year that it will increase its navy and air force deployment at Zhongye Island, a Chinese island that it has illegally occupied for years.

It will be an intolerable insult to China

According to experts, the Chinese navy has drawn a detailed combat plan to seize the island and the battle will be restricted within the South China Sea.

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It would be sheer luck if no battle ever happens on any part of mainland Philippines. So better be prepared than sorry, that’s all I really wanted to say. Because looking back at our history, most government officials have “safe passages” to fly away anytime from this pork-barrel-riddled country of ours. And we poor commoners are the ones left behind to suffer for their governmental inadequacies, nay, dumbfoundedness and sheer stupidity and cowardice. Well, there’s always an exception, such as the regime of Governor General Simón de Anda (1701-1776).  Hindí nang-iiuan. But that’s another story from another time, when our national identity was at its peak.

It’s hopeless. We are no match against China, of course. And our puppet government has no other choice but to kowtow to Uncle Sam’s every military whim and fancy. Because war is big business. At this point, all we can do is pray and blog and complain and provide some good ‘ol pep talk…

We are mere ants compared to the big boot that is Red China. But they should remember that ants bite back. And the sting lingers.

We are mere dogs chained to our U.S. neocolonial masters. But they should remember that dogs bite back. When we do, it’s usually rabid.

We can easily be defeated, there is no doubt to that. Our military might is a joke; it has become a sham ever since Ferdinand Marcos was ousted unceremoniously. But in the end, the Filipino spirit will never falter. Defiantly.

I don’t usually swear, but right now… I am REALLY angry. So fuck you both, China and US. My middle finger salutes you. Be proud.

Drawing up our islands

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Asked about his country’s culture, brief history, and other Frenchy stuff while on a drinking session somewhere in Alabang, this former French officemate of mine readily obliged and even gamely drew up a crude sketch of his country on a large piece of tissue paper!

Me and the rest of our Filipino coworkers drinking with him were amazed at how he did it. And by the look on his face, he was a bit puzzled at our admiration. It’s because drawing a sketch of their country was something normal to him, to all of them there in France. Probably the same thing with other countries. Which led me to think: how many schools here in our country do even care to teach our students how to draw our archipelago, or at least make a more or less accurate crude sketch of it?

It’s understandable, though, that in comparison, France is a bit easier to draw than the Filipino archipelago: it’s compact and a bit squarish despite the irregularities on the sides. Our country, of course, is composed of thousands of jigsaw-puzzle shaped islands and islets. Other than that, not everyone has the talent to draw (the only stuff I know to draw is a bamboo stick). But should this be an excuse? In my alma mater, all students, regardless of their course, are required to take up Basic Inorganic Chemistry even though all of them (especially in my case) never intended to build their careers inside a test-tube-filled laboratory. And all high school students (not sure if it’s still the same with college) are still required to undergo basic military training. The point of it all, of course, is to help shape a well-rounded and (hopefully) multifaceted Filipino student.

Will the skill to draw our archipelago help contribute to that? Yes, I believe so. It will inculcate in them not just a knowledge of their country’s visual representation but also a sense of ownership, if not nationalism. And following a sense of ownership is responsibility. Like what environmentalists usually say about our planet, Filipinas is our only home; we have to take care of it, guard it, and defend it at all times.

With all this senseless and bigoted Islamic claim of the entire island of Mindanáo (not to mention China’s nincompoopish claim over OUR Spratlys and the Scarborough Shoal), may our educational system not wait until our country is composed only of Luzón and Visayas before they thought of inculcating geographical awareness and pride among our students.


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There’s a party in Manila Bay — and I hope it remains a party all through the night

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Miley Cyrus at the Mandarin Hotel in Ciudad de Macati yesterday.

As I write this, American actress and teenage pop singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus is currently partying with thousands of her Filipino fans at the SM Mall of Asia.

I just hope that she performs one of her popular songs and then change one of its lines to ♪ there’s a party in Manila Bay… ♫ to fit the setting.

And while she’s out there strutting her stuff in that huge Chinese-owned mall in Manila Bay, the Bureau of Immigration has alerted its intelligence people to be on the lookout against any possible terrorist attacks in the metro:

MANILA, Philippines – The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has alerted all its intelligence operatives following reports that members of the Asian terror group Jemaah Islamiyah were working with Abu Sayyaf group to bomb targets in Metro Manila, Commissioner Ricardo David, Jr. said Friday.

David also instructed BI operatives in the different ports of entry to be on heightened alert and be on the lookout for foreign terror suspects who might attempt to slip into the country.

At the same time, David ordered BI Intelligence Chief Maria Antonette Mangrobang to closely coordinate with military and police intelligence officials in verifying the report about the alleged presence of foreign terrorists here.

A scary scenario: what if —God forbid— they launch an attack on that Miley Cyrus concert tonight (I’m sure those Jemaah Islamiyah creeps would love to have her)?

A likely result: China will continue bullying the Philippines over the disputed Spratly Islands (a group of islands that is rightfully our own). In the end, those slit-eyed pseudo-commies will occupy them. And the Philippines will not be able to lift a finger because the US WASPs will not back us anymore due to that carnage in Manila Bay.

In the long run the Chinese will attack the whole country to avenge the destruction of their darling boy Henry Sy’s money-making machine along our historic bay. The old Chinese-Filipino families (Ongpín, Tantoco, Tuazon, Yuchengco, Cojuangco, etc.) might even throw their support to the new invaders.

So better pray. Pray that that party will have a happy ending. And that Miley will still be able to sing See You Again to her Filipino fans (heaven forbid that one, too).

Oh, why do I think morbid thoughts…?

The Relevance of Rizal’s and Sun Yat-Sen’s Ideals in the Coming Information Age

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This month, as the Philippines celebrates the Buwan ng Wika, the admirers of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen (the “José Rizal” of China), commemorate the founding of the Three Principles of the People, a political philosophy which he developed in August of 1905.

I publish here the oratorical piece which I wrote back in college (Adamson University) for the José Rizal – Sun Yat-Sen National Oratorical Contest (hosted annually by the Jose Rizal – Sun Yat-Sen Society, Inc.). My college department chose it among other essays, and it was delivered by Mass Communication student Joan Solís who later wrote for the now defunct Adamson Chronicle. Solís was coached by our college instructor, Arlene Villaluz de Paredes. The event was held at the University of Santo Tomás on 12 November 2001.

Among numerous participants, Ms. Solís won 2nd place. And for that, my school awarded me a Certificate of Recognition on its Awards night held at the Traders Hotel (Roxas Boulevard, Malate, Manila) on 2 March 2001. But my wife attended the event because I was rehearsing with my rock band for an upcoming live performance (silly me).

Here’s the oratorical piece about the two Asian medical doctors-turned-revolutionaries…

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen (1866-1925)

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen (1866-1925)

José Mario S. Alas

A local TV personality once mentioned that “information is power.” Such a remark, though terse, is in itself a powerful phrase. Information, to put it more bluntly and in a more lucid definition, is knowledge. And this further proves the much-accepted cliché that “knowledge is power.”

Those who possess, or have access to, information is powerful enough to steer themselves to greater heights of glory and to a much higher form of authority. They could even manipulate the masses. Such knowledge is their pedestal to power.

The modern explosion of information through cyberspace has given almost everybody a chance to stand on that same kind of pedestal. Unlike in the old days, access to information has become more convenient. In the past, news from this side of the globe would take months before reaching the other side. Nowadays, information from an unfamiliar, faraway nation could reach us in almost a matter of minutes in the comfort of our own localities, thanks to Internet cafés and local Internet servers.

In the past, an exhaustive research would be needed just to extract appurtenant data to subsist a subject or thesis. Such undertaking required months or even years. But thanks to the convenience of this so-called “information superhighway,” all the facts that one would ever need is just a couple of clicks away. And the constant flow of data throughout civilization and history has given more opportunities for technological advancement for the betterment of humanity.

But I ask, isn’t that one of the purposes of information dissemination? It is logical enough to say that information is of academic importance since civilization rests upon the broad shoulders of the academies. Besides, the university’s main purpose is also for the betterment of mankind. Another purpose of information is that some of it is solely for entertainment and leisure. Certainly, man needs to break away from the monotonies of life once in a while to nourish and enliven his exhausted mind and body. All in all, such purposes when synthesized would point out towards one direction: the betterment of humanity. It is information technology’s main target. That’s actually the way it should be.

However, it is alarming to note that the reverse is happening. Human progress is no longer moving forward; neither is it regressing. It is on the verge of freezing, a complete halt in the never ending turn of events in history. This is not just a bad situation; it is beyond evil. Yes, everything that is of harm to the existence of our kind is beyond evil. An éminence grise is behind the abuse of information technology. In this regard, it is also the opportune time to know who your enemy is.

The two great doctors of the 19th century, José Rizal and Sun Yat-sen, did just that. They, too, were products of the onslaught of information. They championed all information that were relevant and useful to what they were fighting for. Like jigsaw puzzles, they fitted well to the knowledge that they had gathered which became the powerhouse for their ideals and aspirations. Both nationalists bathed under the torrents of information, unmindful of the consequences. Bathing under a rainstorm may cause fever. But bathing under a shower of lore in the midst of an oppressive milieu meant death or persecution.

Rizal and Sun were educated the Western way. In other words, they allowed themselves to be shaped, influenced, and empowered by information from Europe. Indeed, man is a lover of knowledge. But these two heroes not only had love for knowledge. As a matter of fact, they diverted their knowledge for a much nobler cause: love of country. With the patriotic valor burning deeply in their hearts, they rolled all that they had learned into big masses of nationalistic counterattacks against their oppressors.

Their philosophies and beliefs should not be taken lightly, especially during these troubled times. With the outbreak of information through advanced technology in the mass media, it seems that we are headed for disaster. The idea that the whole world is wired together signifies mass death–the end of our species. Why is that so? Because this status quo contributes to the end of innovation. Just as I have mentioned earlier, human progress is freezing to a halt. And recent studies were proven that small groups of any living beings evolve faster when they are in isolation. For us humans, our evolution occurs mostly through our behavior. We innovate new behavior to adapt. Adaptation, anyway, is a law of nature, not a theory since it is very evident. And I assume that you all know that innovation is successful only in small groups. Let me elucidate: a committee of two or three people will prove to be successful; but put more than three people, then things would be difficult; put twenty or so people in the meeting, then the agenda would be impossible to ever materialize; Put around a hundred, then it would be hopeless.

These are just some of the ill effects of the information explosion. It promotes global uniformity and swamps diversity. Poco a poco, everything around us is slowly becoming the same. Weaker cultures are either effaced or exploited and abused to make way for imperialist motives. Indeed, the coming information age is but a component of gobbleization. The enemy, perhaps out of pure stupidity or sheer ignorance, is also on the verge of collapse. Everything is on the verge of collapse! It seems that history is bowing before the final curtain…

But there is still hope. Life is hope. We can put a stop to this coming disaster simply by going back to our roots and imbibing the ideals of Rizal and Sun. Their philosophies, their aspirations, had survived through tumultuous times since the their incipience. Both Asian heroes fought for the redemption of their fellow citizens from the perils of time. Ergo, let us emancipate ourselves from the chains of ignorance and apathy. Know the truth wisely. It is time to unite and face the greatest evil that man has to imminently battle using Rizal’s and Sun’s methodologies. We must emulate how these two demi-gods utilized all the information that they had received throughout their academic lives. And let us allow their methodologies and philosophies to be the information. This will kindle the messiahs in us. At that point the people will make a gallant stand against the coming information age’s corruption and bigotry. Through our treasured heroes, there is still hope to change this decaying system. Our Asian patriots’ heroic ideologies would be helpful in enlightening our minds in this global darkness. And as gratitude for Rizal’s and Sun’s sacrifices, as well as for our own benefit, we must, quid pro quo, voluntarily and heroically do our part.

José Rizal (1861-1896)

José Rizal (1861-1896)

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