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Lacson’s Delayed Truth

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Senator Lacson should answer this:

Why did it take almost a decade for him to tell “the truth” about Joseph Estrada’s alleged corruption during the latter’s short-lived and ill-fated term?

Senator Panfilo Lacson on Monday exposed former President Joseph Estrada’s extensive involvement in the illegal numbers game “jueteng,” rice smuggling, and “other misdeeds” during his short-lived administration from 1998 to early 2001.

In a privilege speech, Lacson also hinted Estrada may have a hand in the 2000 murders of publicist Salvador “Bubby” Dacer and his driver, Emmanuel Corbito.

Lacson said Estrada used to issue orders directly to his police officers way back when Lacson was still the chief of the Philippine National Police.

The top police official during Estrada’s time did not say it outright but his take on Estrada’s relationship with the PNP seems to buttress the claim of state witness and former police official Cezar Mancao II that Estrada approved Operation Delta, the alleged plan to liquidate Dacer.

“(I) have personal knowledge on this, during his presidency, he was giving direct orders and instructions deep into the layers of the entire government bureaucracy, the PNP, and Presidential Anti Organized Crime Task Force,” Lacson told fellow senators.

So there. He has personal knowledge of Erap’s “misdeeds”. And he had to wait for a falling out between him and Erap to make him talk (oh boy, another José de Venecia in the making).

Justice delayed is justice denied. And so it is with the truth, Senator Lacson. You should know that. You’re older than your kids.

Click here for more Lacson lies, err, I mean testimonies, hehehe…

"I got too busy with my facial ads that's why I had to sideline The Truth for awhile."

The Lacson Suspense

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Will Senator Pánfilo Lacson spill the beans on Monday?

Are those beans any good at all?

What's he really up too?

What's he really up too?

Earlier in the Senate, Lacson said he would reveal the true character of Estrada as a public servant in a privilege speech on Monday.

“Ano ba talaga si Joseph Ejercito Estrada bilang isang government official? Lahat ng catotohanan ang sasabihin co don at itó’y patutunayan co rín (I’ll reveal what kind of government official Joseph Estrada was. I can prove everything that I will say),” Lacson told reporters.

Lacson was the chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) during the short-lived Estrada presidency. Both were implicated in the killing of publicist Salvador “Bubby” Dacer and Emmanuel Corbito in November 2000.

Estrada was ousted from office in 2001 amid allegations of corruption. Both him and Lacson have repeatedly denied involvement in the Dacer-Corbito case.

Many questions arose…

Has Lacson finally sided with the hated Arroyo government due to pressure from the Dacer-Corbito allegations?

Is this some sort of payback? Remember that Lacson was in a way slighted when Estrada chose legendary icon Fernando Poe, Jr. instead of him to be the opposition’s main man in the controversial 2004 Philippine National Elections.

Many people are still wondering why Lacson suddenly dropped his presidential bid for the 2010 Philippine National Elections. And now he leaves political analysts in suspense due to that “Monday bombshell”. The timing is so suspect… could it be true that he’s the one who’s sleeping with the enemy and not Estrada?

Estrada dared Lacson to drop the bomb. Why does the deposed leader sound a bit unfriendly? For all we know, maybe Lacson doesn’t have any plans of betraying Estrada. Doesn’t Erap trust Lacson anymore? If so, why?

If ever Lacson’s suspense-filled privilege speech this coming Monday will reveal more facts about Estrada’s true character (i.e., bad ones), why didn’t he say it earlier?

Both Estrada and Lacson are under fire due to Cézar Mancáo’s testimonies regarding the Dacer-Corbito Double Murder Case. Pulling each other down will not do both of them any good. For sure, Arroyo is laughing her head off in some cozy Malacañang bedroom that should’ve never been hers in the first place.

The opposition, if it really seeks national unity, should first unite themselves and put both Erap and Lacson (and Noynoy Aquino III) on an emergency meeting. They should also discuss if this issue is all about the opposition, the administration, or the nation.

Who are these people putting in peril? The economically starved populace, of course. Juan de la Cruz is always at the receiving end of useless political clouts and bickerings. Does he deserve this?

Since he doesn’t know his national identity, sadly, I think he does…

Mancáo Shouldn’t Just Accuse, He Should Also Explain.

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What was the real motive behind the Bubby Dacer-Emmanuel Corbito double murder case?

Murdered twice: first in 2001; second this year via politicking?

Murdered twice: first in 2001; second this year via politicking?

This is what former Senior Superintendent Cézar Mancáo should explain as well. It is not enough to simply accuse Senator Pánfilo Lacson and President Joseph Estrada as the masterminds of the evil deed. The timing is so suspect since the Erap-led opposition is steadily gearing up for next year’s national elections. The electorate can no longer be fooled, being experienced as they are in a country that’s chock-full of election scandals and controversies these past few decades. This “spilling of beans” could be viewed as an obvious attempt to destroy the credibility of Erap and Lacson. Although Lacson has already backed out from next year’s elections, he still has enough support-power to add on to the opposition’s election arsenal.

This is not to say that Lacson and Erap are innocent of the crime. The point of the matter is that this eight-year-old unsolved murder case has a political tinge to it; the people are in danger of being led (or misled) into focusing more on the finger-pointing and the personalities involved rather on the merits of the case.

Mancáo better speak up some more rather than simply naming names. Remember: he was an accomplice to the murder — of course he should know the reason why Dacer and Corbito were kidnapped, strangled to death, and then burned (their bodies were found months later near my father-in-law’s farm in Indang, Cavite). If Mancáo gives out other details –specifically as to why he, ex-cop Glenn Dumláo, ex-intelligence officer Michael Ray Aquino, and a host of other executioners killed the publicist and his driver– that might add weight to his accusations.

But without focusing on such details, it will appear that Dacer and Corbito are being murdered over again through a very suspicious politicking. The case now has a different twist because another “witness”, Jimmy López, was slain two days ago.

Malacañang Palace was quick to condemn the assassination.

Was López a “sacrificial lamb”?

The sickening plot thickens.

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