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Pepe Alas on ANC Shop Talk (video)

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Ría Tanjuatco-Trillo: Do you believe that history is written by the victors? Pepe Alas: Really? But I thought Wood was a singer.

Just a few minutes after I published this blog’s fifth anniversary special last July 18 (my 35th birthday, and it’s not yet too late to send me gifts), ABS-CBN Shop Talk posted my TV interview with them. I wasn’t able to blog about it immediately because me and my family were in the midst of screaming kids playing DotA and Counter-Strike in some Internet café that serves no coffee, and we were about to go home at that time. And, as usual, life got in the way again thereafter. That’s why I get to post this just now. Anyway, I’m glad that Shop Talk edited out those parts wherein I sounded like a total dork. So, if you still wish to know the answers to all of life’s unnerving questions, then watch my interview by clicking here.


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  1. Pepe,

    Thank you for all your continued work in helping unravel our Philippine history. Thank you, too, for the awareness that you are spreading through your blogs. The knowledge will leak out one reader at a time. It’s about time that somebody gave our history the attention it deserves! I went to grade school and high school (in what’s probably considered one of the best schools) in Manila and remember how history was taught there. Unfortunately, all I retained from all those years could be summarized to Magellan “discovering” the Philippines, getting killed by “Lapu-Lapu” (Pulapu), Miguel Lopez de Legazpi arriving, and from there…abuso, abuso, abuso, of the friars, the soldiers, the Spanish…and all of a sudden, there he was, Jose Rizal! His imprisonment and execution…by the spanish! The American arrival, the war, and the series of presidents. Um… 300+ years of the country under the crown?? Surely there were other things that happened then! No emphasis whatsoever on how the country was UNIFIED, shaped, and built. No major focus on Spanish contributions to culture. Absolutely NOTHING about Filipino writings and dealings in Spanish –the official language of the revolution, and the original constitution! I am very thankful that people like YOU access and research primary sources and can bring us back to the truth! Keep up the excellent, EXCELLENT work! We, your readers are here silently reading your blogs, thirsting for whatever enlightenment you can provide us through your research and your passion. You are building a solid base. With the TRUTH as your foothold, this mission will prevail! Good luck!



    • Thank you for the inspiring word, Rod. I guess my self-imposed mission is to utilize Philippine History to help my fellow Filipinos realize their true self-worth in the context of nationalistic issues, i.e., to make them realize our true national identity. National identity is an important element in our Filipino cosmos in the light of our being a neocolonized state. Regaining back our nationalistic consciousness will, hopefully, allow us to free ourselves from the shackles of imperialism. May we all wake up one day from this English-speaking, Hollywood-inspired daydream which helps maintain our collective forgetfulness.



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