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A belated “Muchas Gracias” to Vibal Publishing House

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June 12 no longer reminds me of Philippine Independence Day. It reminds me more of my daughter Krystal’s textbook, Vibal Publishing House’s “Language in Literature” which she and her batchmates used last year for their English subject:

Wondering why? Click here for the details!


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  1. Think the following article in Daily Mail might interest you, Pepe


    Teachers should bring back text books to end a reliance on worksheets and the internet, a minister will say today.

    Nick Gibb will say that an ‘anti-textbook ethos’ has contributed to England’s slide in international rankings of pupils’ performance.

    In a speech to the publishers association, school reform minister Mr Gibb will urge all schools to reintroduce them in most subjects. He will say teachers too often neglect textbooks in favour of producing work-sheets or ‘endlessly trawling the internet’ for material for lessons.

    Mr Gibb will also highlight research from exams body Cambridge Assessment which shows that teachers in top performing countries are significantly more likely to use text books than in England.

    In Finland 95 per cent use them as a basis for lessons in maths and in Singapore the figure is 70 percent. By contrast only 10 per cent of maths teachers in England use a textbook for core teaching. The research ‘should rightly send shockwaves through the education system and the publishing industry,’ Mr Gibb will say.

    ‘In the controversial search for the reasons why a range of key nations have improved their systems so dramatically and so quickly, the role of high quality textbooks has been seriously neglected.
    ‘Well- focused forensic of these nations highlights the extent to which good teaching and high academic standards are strongly associated with adequate provision and widespread use of quality text books.

    Daily mail, Thursday, November 20, 2014

    All good wishes from Sam 🙂



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