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RH Law must win

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Not many people today know that hundreds of years ago, at a time when banking was still in its infancy, the Catholic Church fought the concept of interest. It lost that battle. Since then, poverty and misery became a horrible tandem, a terrifying economic force to reckon with. And since that defeat, the few filthy rich has occupied the zenith of society, lording us over with laws meant to stimulate and protect their illogical hunger for profit.

During the last century here in the Philippines, the local Catholic Church fought Republic Act No. 1425, more famously known as the Rizal Law. The law mandated that all educational institutions in the country must offer courses about the life and works of José Rizal. It lost that battle, too. Since then, Rizal and his Masonic novels (not exactly all of his works) have become the mouthpiece of anti-Catholicism and pro-liberalism.

And now, for the past few years, the Catholic Church in the Philippines is in another uphill battle, a battle that I expect it to lose. I am, of course, referring to Republic Act No. 10354, otherwise known as the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012 or simply the RH Law. The final deliberations of the Supreme Court to decide on the constitutionality of the RH Law is about to end. And tomorrow they will reveal their final decision if this law should be upheld or repealed.

Looking back at the general history of the Catholic Church, I see that is has a disappointing win-loss record. Heck, even its Founder was humiliated in public, tortured, and then crucified to death. And do I even need to mention the countless martyrs that we have who died for Him? But I guess this rather humiliating win-loss record has been written in the stars. It should really end up that way.

If our Lord Jesus Christ suffered, was humiliated and persecuted, so must we His followers follow the same fate. Scary thought, but I think that’s the only way true Christians must go through on this realm in order to get to the next (and final) one. I see life now more like a video game: we play, we struggle, we lose, we fight in order to reach the next level. And upon reaching the next level, we play, we struggle, we lose again and again, but we stand up and fight once more in order to reach another much higher level (in the immortal words of Joana Angelica Romero: “And it goes on and on and on.” 😀 )

I think you guys should know what the final level is. And if we lose all our chances (or “lives” in video gaming parlance), well, it’s “Game Over” for all of us. Doón na papasoc sa escena si Mang Taníng.

In other words, we Christians must suffer, must be persecuted, in order for us to be “made worthy of the promises of Christ”. Besides, we do not stay here on Earth forever. So we might as well allow are enemies to persecute us, and we should remain humble about it (Matthew 5:5, 10).

As what pro-life leader Eric Manalang told me a few months ago: “…we have been and always will be fools for Christ… ahh, such sweet persecution.” (1 Corinthians 4:10). Now I understand what he meant.

This is not to say that we Christian Filipinos must give up the fight against the evils of the RH Law. Whether or not this law should win in the end, the most important matter is that we fought the good fight (2 Timothy 4:7), that we never gave up, that we stood up against it despite the overpowering odds.

Those who oppose us outnumber us, yes. They are the majority. But always remember this: Matthew 22:14. That is why I think that the RH Law must win this time, as with all the past enemies of the Holy Catholic Church.  If our Lord and Savior was fated to die to save us, so must be with the prophecy of a chosen few come through. 🙂

But y’know what? I might even suffer a heart attack if ever the RH Law loses.


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  1. Sometimes you really surprise me Pepe how you write it is original but we have the same perspective on the RH. I just have this creepy feeling that it will pass BUT I am also hoping that it wont.

    Nasilo mo ako bro!!!! 🙂 Kala ko PRO ka eh 🙂

    Thanks very very nice article for a man who thinks deeply about these things 🙂

    Ill post this on my wall 🙂


    • ¡Maraming salamat pô! Toda la gloria es para el Señor Dios Todopoderoso. Come what may, let us continue praying for the spiritual betterment of our fellowmen and of ourselves.



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