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  1. even the other sects, whether they admit it or not, have much influence of the Mother Church. 🙂


  2. ¡Hola, Snr. Alas! Yo quiero preguntar sobre el blogpost en su tipo de gobierno favorito. ¿May pagkakataon po ba kayong maisulat ang gusto ninyong isulat na blogpost na iyon?


  3. Ang masasabi ko lang po ay kahit kelan ay hindi naging kalaban nang simbahang katoliko ang masonerya , ang panginoon maykapal ang pinaka sentro nang aming organisasyon , ang mga aral na aming pinangangalagan ay , pagmamahal sa kapwa , pagkalinga sa mga naghihirap at tamang pakikitungo kaninoman . Ang mga aral na ito ay naayon sa banal na kasulatan , na isa sa pinakaimportanteng kasangkapan na bumubuo nang aming samahan.



    For as soon as the constitution and the spirit of the masonic sect were clearly discovered by manifest signs of its actions, by the investigation of its causes, by publication of its laws, and of its rites and commentaries, with the addition often of the personal testimony of those who were in the secret, this apostolic see denounced the sect of the Freemasons, and publicly declared its constitution, as contrary to law and right, to be pernicious no less to Christiandom than to the State; and it forbade any one to enter the society, under the penalties which the Church is wont to inflict upon exceptionally guilty persons. The sectaries, indignant at this, thinking to elude or to weaken the force of these decrees, partly by contempt of them, and partly by calumny, accused the sovereign Pontiffs who had passed them either of exceeding the bounds of moderation in their decrees or of decreeing what was not just. This was the manner in which they endeavoured to elude the authority and the weight of the apostolic constitutions of Clement XII and Benedict XIV, as well as of Pius VII and Pius IX.(10) Yet, in the very society itself, there were to be found men who unwillingly acknowledged that the Roman Pontiffs had acted within their right, according to the Catholic doctrine and discipline. The Pontiffs received the same assent, and in strong terms, from many princes and heads of governments, who made it their business either to delate the masonic society to the apostolic see, or of their own accord by special enactments to brand it as pernicious, as, for example, in Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Bavaria, Savoy, and other parts of Italy.

    En efecto, tan pronto como una serie de indicios manifiestos -instrucción de proceso, publicación de las leyes, ritos y anales masónicos, el testimonio personal de muchos masones- evidenciaron la naturaleza y los propósitos de la masonería,
    esta Sede Apostólica denunció y proclamó abiertamente que la masonería, constituida contra todo derecho divino y humano, era tan perniciosa para el Estado como para la religión cristiana. Y amenazando con las penas más graves que suele emplear la Iglesia contra los delincuentes, prohibió terminantemente a todos inscribirse en esta sociedad. Los masones, encolerizados por esta prohibición, pensaron que podrían evitar, o debilitar al menos, en parte con el desprecio y en parte con las calumnias, la fuerza de estas sentencias, y acusaron a los Sumos Pontífices que las decretaron de haber procedido
    injustamente o de haberse excedido en su competencia. De esta manera procuraron eludir la grave autoridad de las Constituciones Apostólicas de Clemente XII, Benedicto XIV, Pío VII y Pío IX. No faltaron, sin embargo, dentro de la misma masonería quienes reconocieron, aun a pesar suyo, que las disposiciones tomadas por los Romanos Pontífices estaban de acuerdo con la doctrina y la disciplina de la Iglesia Católica. En este punto muchos Príncipes y Jefes de Gobierno estuvieron de acuerdo con los Papas, ya acusando a la masonería ante la Sede Apostólica, ya condenándola por sí mismos, promulgando leyes a este efecto. Así sucedió en Holanda, Austria, Suiza, España, Baviera, Saboya y otros Estados de Italia.

    A documentary:




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