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Classifying Teodoro Agoncillo’s history book

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I was with my family in some mall this afternoon. We went to a popular bookstore to buy some stuff. Then I saw a copy of Teodoro Agoncillo’s much revered History of the Filipino People which made me see red. Rather than ripping it apart and end up being apprehended, I just placed it in a section where it should really belong…

This is where you belong.

There. At may casama pang Zodiac Sign. Blast it.


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  1. I read Agoncillo and I enjoyed being a history buff myself very thorough than Zaide. I heard it has leftist leanings but for those who wanted to join Quiz Bees I think Agoncillo is much more better than Zaide 🙂 Of course there are others unknowns or our contemporaries like Ocampo. 🙂 Never read him though not enough but what I read about Ocampo is very encouraging.


  2. What bookstore is this? I’m trying to find a copy of Agoncillo’s book bec I lost mine 10 years ago. I want to review it again.



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