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Online jottings of a Filipino out of time

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In the beginning, this blog’s tagline was “Random jottings about everything Philippine”. But it sounded too “Joaquinesque“. Not that I don’t like it, but I thought that it would be better if I had my own voice.

Just a few months ago, I was revved up by Virgilio Almario’s polemic protestations against the use of the name Pilipinas (and perhaps Philippines). So I thought of changing the tagline to “Random jottings about everything Filipino”. But people might mistake my ultraelectromagneticblog for a grade school subject. So I abandoned the idea.

Then I had a light bulb moment yesterday morning. Since for most of my adult life I’ve been feeling like a fish out of water, I think it is more appropriate for this blog to have a tagline like this:

“Online jottings of a Filipino out of time.”

Because that’s how I really feel, as if I was born in the wrong century. Just check out the way I write in Tagalog, for instance, haha.

And, oh, do I need to add that my site is one of the most hated blogs in the country today? Well, that’s just an observation of mine (but I’m proud of the reputation). So, before I end this, let me leave you more reasons to hate this site:

1) I am truly saddened with what has been transpiring over the Senate floor these past few weeks. I miss the old days when the Philippine Senate —and Spanish-speaking at that— effused a sense of dignity and gracefulness that was not only proper but filled with an intimidating light of “swagger” that befits the engines of an authentic Filipino body politic. Disappointingly, the Senate is now a despicable shell of its former self. The problem I see now is that the voting public has been contented lately of elevating scoundrels and clowns clad in suit and tie and fancy dresses to their undeserving pedestals. The only way the Filipino people can regain their moral ascendancy to run this country is for them to recognize and treasure their true Filipino Identity which is based on their Hispanic past.

2) It is impossible for me to remain a Filipino while hating my Spanish past at the same time.

3) Taking item# 2 to the extreme: it is impossible for me to remain a Catholic while hating my Spanish past at the same time.

Random jottings that are worth hating. 😀 Well, that’s all for now.

Now back to the cubicle, wage slave!


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  1. Hola. ¿Cómo está usted, señor?
    I enjoy your writings!!! Thanks for being brave and voicing the words I think of but am too consumed with my own life struggles. Mabuhay ka, kaibigan : )



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