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Hope (An paglaum)

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Here is a timely poem about hope written by a Lineyte-Samarnón writer. The poem, translated into English, was published in the book LINEYTE-SAMARNON POEMS: A Collection (published by the Divine Word University Publications in Tacloban City, Leyte in 1974). It should be remember that both Leyte and Sámar Oriental were super typhoon Yolanda’s most hardest hit provinces.

Nicolás C. Camintoy

          More bitter than bile
the life that is mine
my heart almost breaks
of hope it is almost dry.

O bitter is the life
of a poor man like me
no friend gives me a glance
not one comes near.

In the midst of my misery
a pall often comes upon my soul
my dream of deliverance
seems to sink — it quietens!

As the storm of life almost crushes
my breast
in God the Merciful I place my hope
as the tree of strong pith
the wind cannot break, nor the storm

Please click here for the original Leyte-Samarnón original.

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