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Was super typhoon Yolanda man-made?

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Admittedly, I do pay attention to conspiracy theories but only those which concern my country. Go ahead and kill me.

Nowadays, people usually think of conspiracy theorists as ingenious loonies locked for hours inside their dingy rooms crammed with books, documents, and Elvis Presley photos scattered all over the floor, seated in front of their computers while feasting on oily burgers and sugary coffee. Holier-than-thou keyboard warriors often make fun of such people due to the seeming hilarity of their pronouncements as opposed to an already accepted political dogma. But a friend of mine said that not too long ago, conspiracy theory was not categorized as a “science of screwballs”. Most, if not all, of these people are highly respected individuals. Pure geniuses and not just smarter than the average bear. But due to the polemics brought about by their discoveries, the powers that be are compelled to marginalize them just to remain in control of the weak. So there you have it, in a jiffy.

Anyway, if conspiracy theorists claim that super typhoon Yolanda originated from the U.S. military as implied in the scientifically articulate video above, then I believe them. After all, it is already common knowledge that the U.S. Government is power-hungry. Now THAT is no conspiracy theory.

Because if cloud seeding and birth control are made possible, why not artificial typhoons?

You be the judge.


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  1. Eat your breakfast

    Oh god no. Don’t go there. The danger of conspiracy theories is that they *seem* to make sense. And they intentionally use scientific jargon so they make themselves look superficially scientific. The problem is they aren’t.

    While it is very likely that the US, China, and Russia have top secret superweapons programs (some have since been declassified), do you really think someone like dutchsinse has the scientific know-how to even understand them? Most of these superweapons are highly advanced sciences. The atomic bomb for example, was one of them. And it used science that a regular guy, even now, would barely understand. The internet and communication satellites are themselves the result of military research.

    I don’t know any conspiracy theorist whom you can characterize as “pure geniuses”. While it’s true that there were scientists mocked before for their discoveries that have since turned out to be proven again and again by empirical science (Galileo for instance), they were not conspiracy theorists. They were scientists.

    Conspiracy theorists have one thing that sets them apart from actual scientists (and normal people besides). They repeatedly claim that their discoveries are true and that they can show you the proof, but that some larger forces of darkness are suppressing it so they can’t show it yet. The keyword being *yet*. Or else they show you juvenile “proof” and then claim they’re being suppressed when every single respectable academic laughs at it.

    A true scientist lets the proof speak for itself. Which is the reason why evolution has since become the backbone of modern biological sciences. Because even though Darwin was ridiculed widely for his theory in his lifetime, every single science, from physics to paleontology to genetics has since confirmed it. And confirmed it to such a degree that biology would basically make no sense without evolution to explain it.

    If the “proof” of conspiracy theories are as solid, they wouldn’t need to appeal to your sympathy by claiming they’re being censored. Nor do they self-propagandize or sell books, tapes, do tours, or in this case YouTube hits. Neither do they blatantly advance a political point-of-view, as dutchsinse is doing with his other blog entries. It is HE who has a political dogma to brainwash you with.

    He has no scientific credentials of any kind. Judging from his other entries though, he’s one of those people who think Obama is a Muslim, born in Kenya, out to destroy the US on the orders of the Illuminati, and is the Antichrist. He probably owns an arsenal of weapons in his basement, thinks he’s under surveillance 24/7 by CIA agents, thinks America is the center of the world and the only nation that matters, and is waiting for the apocalypse since birth.

    “Microwave pulse” doesn’t even make sense. And his website has zero actual scientific proof. Lots of Bible quotes though, atmospheric graphs which looks like they’ve been grabbed from NASA or the NOAA but do not have their corresponding captions for them to make sense, and various papers he knows you WON’T understand.

    The paper he shows the abstract for, for example, in his claims for “weather modification”, is actually the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (google it), and it is a scientific research facility for studies on the ionosphere similar to how the Large Hadron Collider is a facility for research on particle and high-energy physics. It is not a weather control facility. And it’s not in any sense top secret, you can visit it yourself if you want to without having to go through security clearances.

    While most conspiracy theories are simply for attention or money, they can be dangerous, precisely because they prey on the gullible. Terrorists for example, use anti-American conspiracies widely (including claiming that 9/11 was a Jewish inside-job) to drum up new recruits willing to kill American civilians indiscriminately. Cults and private armies likewise use conspiracy theories to gain followers, with often tragic results.

    And remember Anders Breivik? He was a big-time conspiracy theorist, and look where it led to – he killed dozens of kids and then claimed he was only doing it to protect the European civilization.

    Are you really sure you want to be one of them? Most Filipinos don’t exactly know what’s happening in the US, but conspiracy theorists there, especially from the right wing, has been growing in the past decade. Don’t get reeled in. Most of them hate non-whites anyway.


    • Beautifully said.


      • Many are asking: why generate those microwave pulses?

        These past few years, the economy of Filipinas has been getting stronger than before, to the point that it could finally pay off its debts. Most probably, the IMF and/or the World Bank sees a debt-free Filipinas as a threat. Hence the deliberate creation of this monster storm.

        In the aftermath of super typhoon Yolanda, its damning impact on our economy is now estimated to be as much as ₱604 billion ($14 billion). Now our economy could have come full circle.

        But hey, that’s just me.


    • HOPEFULLY, US WILL ADAPT SOONER OR LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Decent reply, above commenter (“Eat your breakfast.”). But, ya know, when somebody in all seriousness jots down something like this: “if conspiracy theorists claim that super typhoon Yolanda originated from the U.S. military as implied in the scientifically articulate video above, then I believe them”, then I’m afraid all hope is lost and whatever rational thought you bring up will go over his percious head.


    • I love haters, really. 🙂


      • Reap what you sow

        You realize that conspiracy theories rely on mad, unreasoning hate, right?

        Hitler hated Jews, so he blamed them for Germany’s problems.

        Bin Laden hated Americans, so he blamed them for the problems of the Middle East.

        Breivik hate foreigners so he blamed them for Europe’s problems.

        What do all three have in common?

        You’re blaming an entire country for a natural disaster. Even as they’re sending troops and aid. And you’re calling us “haters”? But yes, I’m afraid “Me” is right. It’s probably far too late for you. I suspect the next time I see you, you’ll be leading a prayer rally to protect Filipinos from evil aliens that’s causing them to be so poor. I’m sure you’ll feel useful and powerful and relevant doing so, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re insane to believe something like that in the first place.


        • “Hitler hated Jews”
          You haven’t read his autobiography yet. OBVIOUSLY.

          “Bin Laden hated Americans”
          More than a dozen reasons to hate them. Anyway, he had nothing to do with 9/11…

          “Breivik hate foreigners”
          Ah, now that you mentioned Breivik, I have to tell you this: I don’t know him from Adam, hahaha!



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