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Nuestra Patria / Bayan Ko

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DID YOU KNOW? The famous patriotic song “Bayan Ko” was originally written in Spanish by General José Alejandrino, a close associate of General Antonio Luna. The original title was “Nuestra Patria“. The Spanish lyrics were originally written for the famous 1898 zarzuela Walang Sugat” (No Wound) by Severino Reyes, and it expressed opposition to the ongoing United States Occupation. It was later translated into Tagalog by José Corazón de Jesús; the music was written by Constancio de Guzmán.

The Tagalog version became more popular during the Marcos dictatorship. It was heavily played during the funeral of opposition leader Benigno Aquino, Jr., during the People Power Revolution of 1986, and most recently during the funeral of Aquino’s widow, former president Corazón Aquino.

I could just imagine what song they would play in case the current president leaves us too soon. Anyway, the video below is a more popular rendition of Bayan Ko by folk musician Freddie Aguilar.

Click here for the original lyrics in Spanish!


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  1. John Christian Canda

    “Bayan Ko” was also the anthem of the “First Quarter Storm”.



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