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Pass the RH Bill now!

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Yep. You heard me right. Pass that damned bill right now. As in RIGHT NOW. Anyway, it’s gonna end up like that laughable Clean Air Act — it will join the company of Alf and Mikey Macapagal Arroyo’s horrible showbiz career in the long list of “forgotten memories”. In a few month’s time, nobody’s even gonna give a hoot that it divided this I-just-love-smoochin’-Uncle-Sam’s-candy-a$s-24-hours-a-day-seven-days-a-week banana republic for the past couple ‘o years. Just give it a few months, and those funny internet trolls and haters who have been commenting in defense of the R(oad to) H(ell) Bill in various online articles all over the web will soon discuss the economic merits of breast  implantation, the tantric effects of sex change, and the philosophical satisfaction of mutual masturbation. But the RH Bill?

F that one, man. It’s a law now. We havin’ a good time with Ragnarok and Bang Bros! Woot woot!”

Oh, yes. The RH Bill will do yet another Clean Air ACT. Like this sorry 1999 law as well as countless other legislative disappointments, the RH Bill will never bear fruit. We see ’em violators every day: plastics burning in backyards and vacant lots lookin’ more like jamboree campsites; buses and jeepneys competing  against each other as to who are the best highway smoke belchers there are; smoke stacks from factories and power plants spewing the blackest smoke all year round, as if hell itself has an entrance from within their edifices.

Anybody been sanctioned?

In the Philippines, laws —not promises— are made to be broken. 😀 So believe me when I say this: the RH Bill will never be implemented “correctly” nor will it bear fruit the way pro-RH kiddos wanted it to prosper. It will NEVER save our economy, much less help the poor.

Can’t wait to see the look on their faces… so to our beloved congress homies, will ya PUH-LEAZE PASS THAT DARNED BILL ASAP?!!!

Whoa?! Why THIS?! LOL!!! Go figure! ;p

Oh, and one more thing… the only true beneficiaries here would be the authors of the bill. Oooooooooooohh, fat paychecks are comin’ at ya! So don’t say that I didn’t say NO TO RH BILL! I said YES! So please, share me summa da loot!!!


The Promises Have Not Come True

The arrival of oral contraception in the early 1960s and of ‘liberal’ abortion (1967) ushered in the ‘sexual revolution’. Enthusiasts promised this would mean:

—    every child would be a wanted child;

—    illegitimacy and unwanted pregnancy would almost disappear;

—    abortion rates would be low and soon decline;

—    families would be happier and marriages stronger, and;

—    we’d all —especially women— be happier and healthier.

Instead, we have had:

—    ever more unplanned pregnancies;

—    4 million abortions; soaring abortion rates and ever more post-abortion trauma;

—    an unparalleled rise in single motherhood and one-parent families;

—    a surge in sexually transmitted diseases — some of them passed on to babies;

—    women’s bodies having to cope with increasingly powerful chemicals and a serious rise in female infertility;

—    more sex-related crime against women and children;

—    more domestic violence, especially against women, and more teenage crime and violence;

—    rampant pornography, and;

—    declining marriage rates and now 40% of marriages breaking down.

Increased abortion and contraception have been the direct cause of some of these and are related to the others.

Faced with them, the government wants yet more contraception and more abortion — which is like trying to put out fire with petrol?

The truth is that a social experiment, launched in the 1960s, has failed.

(From the book Conspiracy Against Life, 1996, Two Hearts Media Organization, p. 248)


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  1. tama! ipasa na yan para malaman na ng ibang bansa kung gaano tayo ka-original! una, original idea ng Pinoy ang RH, wala pa kasing contraceptives sa ibang bansa at di pa natin nakikita ang pwedeng maging epekto nito, mukha namang maganda e! ma-try nga ng Pilipinas. pangalawa, yung mga nakasaad sa RH, orihinal na orihinal yun! walang ibang mga batas na umuulit lang doon!, wala pa naman kasing Magna Carta for Women, wala pang batas para sa problema ng AIDS, sa family planning, sa medical assistance…wala pa lahat yun!

    (salamat, filipinoescribbles! ganda nga ng mga punto mo, totoong pera-pera lang yan! umuulit na lang ang under-the-table exchange, ngayon over-the-table na nga yata, “meron ka dito.”)


  2. Funny, Pepe. Let me share this in my FB fan page.

    There’s no stopping the RH bill. So, honestly, I gave up even thinking about it.

    Most of our laws fail or show hardly any success. So, yeah, let them implement this money-making scheme disguised as a law.

    Supporters of this bill are believers in the Americanized approach to population control:

    “Wrong people could be prevented entirely from breeding… criminals should be sterilized and feeble-minded persons forbidden to leave their offsprings behind them… the emphasis should be laid on getting desirable people to breed…”

    By the way, those words are from Theodore Roosevelt. And who are we to decide who’s desirable? Heck, all poor FIlipinos must be undesirable to these people!

    Really, condoms, sterilization, sex education, and contraceptives are our answer to poverty?


  3. Many laws here are just paper tigers until some citizen tramples the oligarch’s interests. Quite sad. Oh, and by the way, distribute the loot to some of the readers, okay? 😛


  4. they’re just gonna practice their fave hobbies…”CORRUPTION!” dafuq.. corrupt pols go to hell! balatuhan nyo din si satanas pagdating nyo dun..welcome n daw kayo…wahahahaha!


  5. i have an inkling that you are libertarian.. 🙂 funny.. keep it up


  6. Yeah I agree pass the RH Bill NOW!!!!! bilisan ninyo, BILIS!!!!! kasi kung di ngayon maipapasa yan tapos na yan and the next congress will tackle the RH Bill from the scratch I mean from the scratch, back to square one from genesis 🙂 🙂 🙂 That means someone again has to introduced that on the floor. There will be debates again that will stretch for 5 long years and if that doesnt worry you a bit then you will have to wait the next 6 years for the same opportunity like this to even come. So BILIS!!!!!! that is IF THEY CAN DO IT 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Dont worry Abnoy is the god of the RH he will produce miracles he has to because uncle Sam which is a bigger god than he is will make a bigger miracle to our god Abnoy here 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • hehehe..this article is good…hehehe


    • (god)… always in capital letters please!,,,,, GOD or God…..I like your name too, Joseph.


      • Thanks for liking my name 🙂

        To tell you the truth I am very very concerned about you guys and gals. The RH with its many hideous forms has yet to pass the RH Bill after 20 long years. Now is the only time I mean the best time that you can pass it and celebrate. You have a President who is the author of this bill in the senate while he was a senator, and you have a congress that will kowtow to every whims of the executive, the senate is no good either I think they have the numbers. This is really the best time to do it as in bilisan na nila!!!! There is no time and as of this writing Sept 1 2012, Gonzales a pro death congressman is having doubts if they can pass it this year for they only have 2 months and a handful of sessions left. The UNDP, Likhaan, un-Planned parenthood, the abortion groups and others are aching already to get their investment in the Philippines not go to waste again and cash on it the soonest time possible.

        Have a lovely day folks 🙂 🙂 🙂


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  8. First, i am not a hater nor at the same ship w/ internet trolls. I never subject to justify both camps (pro & anti) of the said bill. I was’nt born in the 60’s so i have no knowledge about a certain bill that was’nt implemented at all, or a total failure. In this modern times w/c i’m belong, & as a young woman- i want a clear explanation why this bill must be implemented. You clearly stated that passing rh will not be as successful as what the authors behind it believe in. You believe that it will increase std, & abortions among women and the like. Your statement is in contradiction to what lawmakers believe could save human lives, and prevent horrible diseases. I think it’s too early to blast the bill when it is not yet implemented



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