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Cabuyao City, La Laguna!

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Congratulations to the people of Cabuyao! Their town has just been converted into a component city over the weekend!

SAN PEDRO, La Laguna — Cabuyao town in La Laguna is now officially a city even if only less than 20 percent of its registered voters turned out for a plebiscite on Saturday.

The final count showed 22,132 residents voted in favor of the town’s conversion to a city, while only 2,538 residents voted “no,” according to lawyer Juanito Icaro, Commission on Elections director in CALABARZON (Cavite, La Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon).

A picture of Cabuyao’s town plaza which I took two years ago. This photo is currently being used by Wikipedia for its Cabuyao article without my permission, LOL!

Now we can say that Cabuyao is La Laguna province’s youngest city! ¡Enhorabuena, Ciudad de Cabuyao!

Read the rest of the story here!


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