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New “Pepe Alas” page photo!

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Check out this blog’s “PEPE ALAS” page! It has a new image!

Special thanks to Mr. Gilbert Atento, cartoonist extraordinaire and a former colleague of mine from APAC Customer Services. For caricatures, send your inquiries to or you may contact him at (0905)963-1298. Just pay him a couple of peanuts and a beer! 😀

I’m telling you, Gilbert can even do a bad@ss caricature of the famed Spoliarium. No kidding.


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  1. antoniomarquessans

    Hola Pepe,bonita caricatura ,Que tu y tu familia tengais una buena semana .Viva filipinas y la Hispanidad.


  2. dear Pepe,

    Your Blog is excellent. I don’t agree with you all the time and I have a lot to say or comments to those letters here. But being born way back last century my ideas and upbringing is obsolete to this generation. Keep up the good work.


  3. This look will give Rez Cortez a run for his money


  4. Ceferino Benedicto, Jr.

    Hi Pepe: I need to send you private message. How can I message you here when it is open for all to see?


  5. ernesto n. tabios

    How do an individual join the Save the Trees Coalition?


  6. andrew hwemedez

    how can i contact you sir



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