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The Philippines is now 441 years old!

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Our country has just turned 441 years old today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PHILIPPINES!

Ain’t it a li’l bit freaky that I’m the only Filipino who blogs about this historic event?

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  1. Freaky indeed that you, Pepe Alas, would be the only Filipino that celebrates this event. All the others only celebrate Araw ng Maynilà, the day the Capital of the Philippines was founded. But they forgot that with the establishment of Manila, or Maynilà, the ESTADO FILIPINO, the Filipino State, was also founded which government began to incorporate all the disperse peoples in their tribal communities, their islands, their seas and their rivers, even their skies, into what we know today as EL ESTADO FILIPINO, that turned everybody, albeit gradually, through a common CHRISTIAN ROMAN Religion, a common language in Spanish, a common culture in both Spanish and the native languages, into a NACIÓN Filipina, sa isang Bansáng Filipino, sa usa ca NASÚD Pilipinhón, quen metung a BANSÁNG Filipino, sa isa ca BANUA ñga FILIPINHÓN, a una Nación Filipino. This is the curse of compulsory colonial English that also comes with the deliberate marginalization of Spanish along with the teachng of a revised Filipino History in English that only glorifies the USA WASP colonialism and denigrates the significant work and contributions of Spain in spite of her human errors. So long as the history of the FILIPINO STATE, el ESTADO FILIPINO, is deliberately suppressed, this freaky situation among the vast majority of present day Filipinos will continue. Guillermo Gómez Rivera


  2. Arthur Decena de Guzman

    You are not alone,Pepe. If you noticed the posts that I have made today on my wall…I am also celebrating our nation’s 441st birthday.


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