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La Laguna, Una Sa Lahát (music video)

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Here it is, finally! The awesome music video of majestic La Laguna — my home, my province! 😀

Congratulations to Governor E.R. Ejército and his team for featuring all the towns and cities of Provincia de La Laguna, and what the province has to offer and showcase to the country and to the rest of the globe. Never before has this kind of project been done. This endeavor will forever serve as a benchmark for tourism (and even business) promotions elsewhere.

¡Viva La Laguna: Uno Progreso… Una sa Sayá… Buhay Laguna!*


Artist: Pagsanján Mayor Girlie “Maita” Ejército
Composer: Marizen Soriano
Director: Louie Ignacio

*Theme for this year’s recently concluded La Laguna Festival 2012.


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