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Happy Three Kings, folks!

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Mi familia.

Happy Three Kings everyone! =)

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  1. Buenos dias.

    Feliz dia de los Reyes Magos a todos los filipinos.

    Que traigan muchos regalos para todos para pequeños y adultos.


  2. Feast of the Three Kings doesn’t seem to be celebrated here in the Philippines, but Christmas and new year is

    Maligayang bati po =)


    • It used to be. I hear that some towns in Bulacán still celebrate it. It’s an old Filipino tradition that doesn’t deserve to die. So me and my family try as much as we can to preserve it. It is the right thing to do.


  3. We used to celebrate it as well when I was a kid. My papa would make sure the Christmas tree and decorations were still up on January 6. I think it’s a great tradition and if I were still in the Philippines, I would go back to celebrating it to keep it alive.


  4. Pepe, how does writing for a coffee table book sound to you? Let’s email for more info. thanks


  5. That kid is wearing a Japanese Cars shirt. WANT



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