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Coca-Cola still deserves an applause (The OFW Project)

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Watch this tearjerker of a video which has become another viral sensation (100% guaranteed to make your hearts bleed with gut-wrenching joy):

If we did not allow the US WASPs to take hold of our patrimony (let alone our economy), we would never have experienced such a diaspora that has left millions of Filipino families in emotional anguish. Yes, our beloved OFWs, the so-called mga bagong bayani, did so much in saving our economy for the last few decades. But how many lives did this kind of setup “destroy”? Many parents have become strangers to their own children.

At any rate, Coca-Cola still deserves a huge round of applause for bringing back, even if for just the holiday season, these three OFWs (Joe Marie Ballón, Leonie Villanueva, and Joey Doble) who have been away from our country for so many years. It can be said that Coca-Cola is merely playing with our emotions in order for us to buy their products even more. However, it is good to see that they are putting their profits into good use. That is the correct way to use money/profits: to spread happiness.

In the meantime, what is our current president doing to spread joy to those who, for many years, have been tirelessly injecting fuel into the nation’s dried-up coffers even before he learned how to puff a nasty nicotine stick? Instead of prioritizing our beloved OFWs, his priorities are dead set on achieving “justice“, a classic case of misguided priorities. And I haven’t even mentioned his zeal for the speedy passing of the RH Bill into law.

¡Maraming salamat, Coca-Cola! Where will happiness strike next?

Maybe you guys better visit Malacañang and give those baróng-clad peeps over there some mean “Coke bath” a la Stone Cold Steve Austin. Now that would be a happy scene for all of us!


You may also want to see the happiness Coca-Cola shared to Mariquina residents:


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  2. Thank you so much to Coca-Cola Company and to all my beloved Kababayan ,OFW’s who supported our Coke Commercial. Let us spread more HAPPINESS around the world.
    Support COCA-C0LA products.



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