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A famous theologian will be Manila’s new archbishop

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Finally, one of Asia’s leading theologists will soon occupy the throne of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila.

MANILA, Philippines — The Vatican has appointed Imus Bishop Luis Antonio Tagle to succeed Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, after the latter’s resignation was accepted by Pope Benedict XVI.

Tagle’s appointment was announced by charge d’affaires Gabor Pinter of the Apostolic Nunciature in Manila and by the Manila Archdiocese.

A known theologian, Tagle is currently the chairman of the Commission on Doctrine of the Faith of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).

Imus Bishop Luis Antonio Tagle is now Manila's newest archbishop.

The announcement was made just a few hours ago (6:00 PM, Manila time) at the Vatican. The Most Reverend Luis Antonio “Chito” Tagle will soon replace Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales as Manila Archbishop following the latter’s resignation in accordance to canon law. As of this moment, there is still no announcement on when the formal transition will take place.

Like the current leader of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI, the Most Reverend Tagle is a renowned theologian. He currently chairs the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines’ Commission of the Doctrine of the Faith. This is like a branch of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (of which Pope Benedict, before becoming Pope in 2005, was its prefect).

In my opinion, having a theologian for an archbishop is a welcome note to the Catholic faithful not only in Manila but in the whole country, especially during these crucial days of RH Bill squabbles that have already divided the nation. It is high time that we have a verbose theologian who can and should explain to pro RH Bill Catholics the reason why the Catholic Church is adamantly against it.

Catholic theologians such as the new Manila Archbishop should deftly explain that the Church’s stand against the RH Bill is not solely rooted in faith and morals alone. In the end, it all boils down to logic. And this is one of the first challenges that the latest Prince-Cardinal should tackle.

Speaking of logic…

Many young Filipino “intellectuals” today who love to make a punching bag out of the local Catholic Church claim to be “lovers” of ideologies and “champions” of liberalism. And that the Church is “out of logic”. They love to “philosophize” and display the many witty quips that they learn from tomes of books they claim to have read. They proclaim themselves as “the new Rizals”. They claim a hatred for mediocrity and “religious superstition”, clamoring for a more intelligent and “freethinking” Filipino. But many of them do all this for the mere heck of it, and not for the purpose of a better society. And now we have social networking. Through these new media they rant and multiply and increase, and they spend hours upon hours in front of their PCs than they do with their pet lizards because they could not get a real job nor could they maintain contact with physical friends (but to them, the words “contact” and “physical” could mean something else). Unfortunately, these kids, for all their intellectual hogwash, have already revealed their characters and self-worth by the choice of words that they use in various online forums. Wittingly or unwittingly, what these bunch of “sucks-to-be-you” kids are doing will only lead this country to anarchy. If they ever win, within a decade or two we will certainly have a transsexual president who will legitimize pole dancing as a school subject. I dare say all of this because I used to think like them — been there, done that. I’ve mingled with so many of these book-toting crybabies back in the 90s. And just thinking about it makes me supersick.

What these “lemme-give-y’all-an-iota-of-my-superb-brain” jactanciosos claim to know about the Catholic Church is so superficial to say the least. All I can say is this: looking back at my brief anti-Catholic self, I just couldn’t believe how stupid I was (a long story that I’ll share one day).

I’m glad that I dealt a lot with logic whenever I flip a page out of a dusty book. Gracias a Dios por este regalo de sabiduría.

So here’s hoping that Manila’s new archbishop will also tackle the increasing number of “pseudo intellectuals” from elsewhere. Not for the Church’s sake actually, but for these proud but hapless kids’.

Enough of my rant. This is about the special Vatican announcement. So please click here to proceed.


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