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Daily Archives: August 23, 2011

Bye bye, anklets

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A farewell to youth?

Bye bye, everdearest beach anklets, you whom I have gathered from various beaches: from family-friendly R-18 Laíya all the way to Bora — I really hate to see you guys go but recently you’ve started to become a sore, giving me itchy irritations and occasional skin abrations and it’s probably due to an ecosystem of greenish-blue (or is it bluish-green?) microbes that have grown on each once-lively strand which has grown stiff, colorless, meaningless over the years, no thanks to daily soap suds and sudden urban inundations that have shocked the wits out of a catatonically wage-enslaved public —not to mention inducing 748-wpm squawks from a hypochondriac wife— who couldn’t care less about the fancy connection between beach fanaticism and wishy-washy anklet dreamin’. But I had fun. So there. Adiós, mis cadenitas…

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