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Quo vadis, Friendster?

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It’s the end of an era in Filipino social networking!

Friendster —as you know— is saying bye-bye!

Friendster, another Facebook casualty

MANILA, Philippines — Social networking pioneer Friendster has advised its millions of users to take their files elsewhere, or face oblivion by May 31, when the site begins a reincarnation of itself as a non-Facebook-competing, “entertainment and fun” service.

TechCrunch, an IT-website, has reported that “Friendster has advised registered members to install a custom application that will export all their profile data as most of it will be deleted on May 31, 2011.”

The report, along with several others that discussed how Friendster planned to stay relevant in the age of Facebook domination, has sparked rumors of a winding down or at least a reinvention that will see the destruction of a social networking site that has connected people and made them friends.

But Friendster itself has explained to its users in its help page that the removal of all users’ information — blog, photo, profile — is to pave the way for the introduction of a new Friendster.

“We are introducing a new and improved Friendster in the coming weeks that will be focused on entertainment and fun. There will be new features that will leverage on your online activities and will enable you to connect with friends or engage new friends with similar interests.”

Friendster said the “improved site is designed to create new profiles that allow you to connect differently with people and do things differently than other networking sites. Basically, the new site will complement your existing online presence in other social networking sites.”

To do this, Friendster will retain users’ friends lists, basic profile information, wallet and games.

Many Friendster-turned-Facebook addicts (like me!) have been expecting this for a long time. But this news is still a shocker, for Friendster is already a part of Filipino pop culture. Other than that, the Philippines is Friendster’s largest market.

It was good while it lasted.

Read the full report here.


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