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What would have been Rizal’s stand on the RH Bill?

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Quae visa placent. —St. Thomas Aquinas—

The website Rational Hero is actually a play on the initials RH which stands for Reproductive Health. The website, launched late last year, is a venture of controversial tour guide Carlos Celdrán, Manila Times journalist Ana Santos, Elizabeth Angsioco of the Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines, and Ryan Tani of Filipino Freethinkers.

The founders of the website Rational Hero, erroneously using Rizal's name to forward their propaganda against the Church (and not just to clamor for the RH bill's enactment into law).

At first glance, one would think that the website is just one of those numerous online sites attributed to or honoring the national hero José Rizal since it bears his familiar photo as well as the tag “Rizal alive in every Filipino”. However, upon further browsing, one will soon realize that the website is all for the support and passing into law of the controversial, divisive, and hotly debated Reproductive Health bill which originated from Albay 1st District Representative Edcel Lagmán (brother of slain leftist leader Filemón “Ka Popoy” Lagmán). And this website is using Rizal’s name to help further its cause. Worse, many articles in the said website attack the Church itself, and not just about the Church’s stand against the said bill.

Disturbingly, this website is toying around with, nay, taking advantage of Rizal’s well-known battles against the Church, a battle that is already history, and even before Rizal was executed, was already history. Nevertheless, the idea of using Rizal’s former bias against the Catholic Church seemed to be —especially among today’s youth too drunk with intellectualism and a high for romantic adventurism— an ingenious catapult for Celdrán and his group.

If they ever know anything about Rizal’s retraction, then it is obvious that, despite the overwhelming evidence of the document’s veracity, they deny it. Thus, they continue praising Rizal’s anti-Catholic stance to the highest heavens. And this they use to their benefit. They deny that Rizal died a Catholic, that he was deeply sorry for the troubles his novels had caused, and that he was even given a Christian burial (more on this in a future blogpost).

But what if Rizal were alive today, would he even support the controversial bill?

Let us, for argument’s sake, consider Rizal still steadfast to his Masonic beliefs. Let us pretend that Rizal is still anti-friar. Would he join Celdrán et al?

The answer will be in the negative.

No, Catholic or not, Rizal would not even dare support such a bill. He is too rational to commit such stupidity. And why? The way Rizal wisely admonished Pío Valenzuela in Dapitan against the inevitable failure of a bloody revolution (or should I say, rebellion), Rizal will definitely admonish the proud members of Rational Hero. To him, the RH bill will be rubbish and downright evil.

Deism was perhaps the greatest effect of Masonry to Rizal’s mind. For a brief period, Rizal left Catholicism and embraced the idea of natural religion. Rizal believed that through reason and observation of the natural world alone, one can determine that a supreme being created the universe without the need for either faith or organized religion.

When he was in Dapitan, he had a healthy debate (through mail correspondence) with one of his spiritual advisers, Fr. Pablo Pastells, S.J. In the exchange of ideas about the existence of God and of God himself (as compiled and translated by Fr. Raúl J. Bonóan, S.J. in The Rizal-Pastells Correspondence), Rizal wrote:

Even so, I venture to think of him as infinitely wise, mighty, good (my idea of the infinite is imperfect and confused), when I behold the wonders of his works, the order that reigns over the universe, the magnificence and expanse of creation, and the goodness that shines in all.

Unable to pass judgement on what surpasses my powers, I settle for studying God in his creatures like myself and in the voice of my conscience, which only can have come from him. I strive to read and find his will in all that surrounds me and in the mysterious sentiment speaking from within me, which I strive to purify above all else.

It can therefore be gleaned that, even without Christianity in his life, Rizal’s belief in an unknown deity was based on a reasonable reflection of nature. And when we speak of nature, it should be observed that all elements that make it up is filled with harmony: everything in it, from predator-to-prey “relationships” to procreation to speciation, cannot exist without the existence of harmony. And this harmony is based on a metaphysical thread called “unity”. This unity means that every real being is either uncomposed or composed of parts, i.e., if it has no parts, those parts must be united in order for that being to exist, whereas when a composed being falls apart, that being ceases to exist.

Contraceptions prevent life. Therefore, it is anti-life. To make it more simpler, it goes against the natural order of things, something that a deist like Rizal will fight against. In the metaphysical sense of the word, there is no “unity” in the prevention of the creation of life. There is no unity, no harmony, no naturalness whenever man’s baser instincts prevail over the creation of something that is natural, i.e., life.

Furthermore, Rizal’s only child died during birth. Just imagine the grief, the pain of an expectant father whose hopes had died on the day he was expecting it. And after such a traumatic experience, do you even think that Rizal would have opted for “pro-choice” methods? No, I don’t think so.

A newborn human life is supposed to please the senses, our lives. But nowadays, not anymore. In yesteryears, pregnancy is a celebration, a preparation for blessing. But today, the mere mention of pregnancy engulfs the mind with fear. How twisted.

In closing, these proud self-styled “heroes” are merely shaming Rizal by invoking on his name that is clearly anti-Rizal.

Rizal alive in every Filipino? I reckon not. Just ask Willie Revillamé.


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  1. for all i know, Rizal was anti catholic church instituted here in the islands by the friars. the two novels he wrote were written in spanish purposely to be read and understood by the catholics in spain and more so by the king. to let them know that the friars were not doing it well here (it took several months for a letter to reach spain and back). spain was not getting the real score per the church in the islands is concern. why would Rizal wish the islands to be a province of spain (not just a colony and source of spices) if he was anti catholic and anti spain?
    i believe, he read the Bible more than any of his contemporaries and he believes in it. he was a practising doctor and a scientist. medicine then was to save life. i believe he has gone a verse in the Bible that teaches abstinence (pagpipigil sa pagtatalik ng mag asawa) which is the basic of family planning. should he been alive today, he will stand against killing the process of procreation and killing of life itself.


    • Rizal’s novels were more anti-Catholic than anti-Spain (to be honest, I will not even dare say that his novels are anti-Spanish). Freemasonry used Rizal’s intellect through his writings in as much the same way they’re doing to the brilliant novelist Dan Brown (but that’s another story). But on the eve of his death, Rizal retracted and even apologized for writing such childish hatred. Yes, childish hatred is all that it is; if you read the Spanish originals in the context of Rizal’s milieu (the way all of literature is supposed to be read, anyway), you’ll get the idea. But these Irrational “heroes” are too proud and drunk with the wrong kind of intellectualism to even know what they are doing is extremely laughable to the initiated.


  2. From the time I have ended my reading and comparison with the first few books of the Tanakh, Bible and Qur’an, I have fallen out of my baptized religion and have embraced what is more enduring, spirituality. No human understanding can confine God’s wisdom and there is nothing Christ-inspired when there is suffering brought about by repression of free will and wielding of power.

    If the RH Bill will not be passed what is a tangible solution to overpopulation, the growing number of teenage pregnancies and victims of botched abortion?

    I say tax the Church, all its properties and donations, “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”. Let the proceeds go to building more orphanages, free hospitals and tuition free schools. Enrich Lives not just from the pulpits or knee jerk solutions of aides.


    • Dimas Blumentritt

      “If the RH Bill will not be passed what is a tangible solution to overpopulation, the growing number of teenage pregnancies and victims of botched abortion?”

      FAMILY EMPOWERMENT!! The civil government should focus its programs on family empowerment rather than on cutting the population..more so, hindi dapat nila sanayin ang mga “MAHIHIRAP” na tumanda’t mamatay na lang sa hirap..TEACH THEM HOW TO isa pa…kung tunay kang Kristiyano at nagbabasa ng Bibliya, maaalala mo ang sinabi ni Hesus ukol sa Divorce Law ng mga Hudyo..”dahil sa KATIGASAN NG INYONG MGA ULO..KAYA IYAN IPINASA NI MOISES”..Even some Puritan Muslims don’t like RH Bill..


  3. You seem to talk about reproduction and life of humans as if we were any other animal. Since we have been given distinctive capabilities you have first of all think in a different manner. Fortunatelly (or sadly) we dont procreate as most of animals every year or even more often from one to thousands (like fish or insects) to forget about them after a while (fishes just after laying the eggs) but we form a family and have the responsability to grow them up, educate them, long etc. If at some point in our lifes we are not ready to ensure all that (e.g too young or poor), then its also our responsability not to have kids. And don’t lie to yourself, everyone likes sex and I don’t have to give you details about that. So why not having sex while being responsible ? That might be anti-animal-life but certainly not anti-human-life. Our lifes are much more complicated than that (again, maybe sadly if u want). Human life is not just being born, eating and dying.



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