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Ban Carlos Celdrán from Intramuros!

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If you believe that tour guide Carlos Celdrán should be banned from ever entering Intramuros (“the holy of holies”) forever because of what he did last Thursday, then please do join this Facebook campaign:

Ban Carlos Celdrán from Intramuros!

In the previous century, Intramuros was ruined by the US' unnecessary carpet bombing. Early this century, a homosexual zealot profaned the Walled City's only Minor Basilica. Enough with these desecrations!

¡Un abrazo!

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  1. I do not recommend that Carlos be banned from entry or visit to Intramurus but I disagree with his predilection and with the people supporting his predilection that in advocating the use of contraceptive bill one way to act it is disturbing or disrupting others sacred rite or ritual. That was a complete example of abuse of freedom of expression. Everyone is entitled of freedom of expression however everyone is also accountable of what way to express to expressions. Whatever ways we express our expression should be expressed in such way that is acceptable and justified. What Carlos Celdran chosen way was inconceivable for he express his expression in a way that disturbs other people.

  2. don’t mind the grammar….. grasp what the commnets want to express

  3. I think he should be banned. Boo. Fat bastard.

  4. Homosexual zealot? Classy. Now I can see why everyone loves the Catholic Church here.

    • What’s wrong with that, Mika? Does the truth hurt? He’s a flamboyant homosexual. He’s a fanatic…

      Now waitaminute…!

      Now I see why many “freethinkers” like him!

      • Dimas Blumentritt

        he’s a flamboyant WHAT????..I saw him on TV a lot (but not in Intramuros)..I was first impressed at the way he makes his tours..and then suddenly…hayy…sayang siya mga p’re..

  5. He should be banned not only in Intramuros but away from any Catholic Churches. He’s a nuisance… KSP

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  7. Wow! For those who thinks this way, you all do indeed belong to the Spanish colonial period. The friars and the Inquisition will love you. If your more of an Indio,than an insulares or peninsulares, you can be made into a coadjutor.

    Fortunately for most of us, those days are gone.

    And if your an Indio, you to will be banned from Intramuros at 11 PM when they close the gates. Unless of course, your a stay in muchacha or muchacho.

    What about homosexual abusive friars? Today the Catholic clergy and just recently the Jesuit province of Oregon just filed for bankruptcy. Because the sex abuses of the clergy is such a hit in the States it cross the Atlantic into Ireland too. Although not all priest are gay of course, some are pedophiles and do prefer women too. The lawyers must be laughing their way to the bank with the huge amount of settlement that the Catholic church are obligated to pay the abused victims.

    Like most things, it can be argued both ways. The truth does hurt. specially if one is a catholic of which I am.

    • Juan Paeng, humankind, we learn, by nature is fallen. Even if you interpret Genesis as allegorical or metaphorical, it doesn’t take much to see the effects of original sin – a weakened will and darkened intellect. Just look at the Western world, which has abandoned it’s Christian heritage! The London riots should suffice as an example.

      No one, my dear Paeng, is denying the fact there have been and are abusive priests. The human element is present even in this sacred institution. And as long as there are lukewarm people in the Church that do not adhere to the Gospel there possibility of abuse will be there. That’s why as Catholics we have to do three things: pray for them, encourage them in their priestly ministry, and be vigilant against pernicious ideologies such as homosexuality so these do not make its way into schools and seminaries. Our Blessed Mother in her numerous apparitions in Fatima, Akita, etc all asked for prayers for the clergy.

      Regarding the Inquisition, all you have to do is learn the facts:


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