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King George III and his “peacock”

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A few days ago, Yeyette and I bought a picture book for Krystal entitled True Facts (1000s of Freaky, Scary, Gross, Extraordinary, and Simply Unbelievable Facts!) by John Guest. It contains interesting facts about the sciences, world history, and various topics such as the case of a Kansas tornado that lifted an 88-coach train from the track, or that of the price of Russia’s Diamond Crypto SmartPhone which costs more or less $1,300,000.

What caught my interest more was a freakily funny entry about King George William Frederick, otherwise known as King George III:


British King George III (1738-1820) had a mental illness. For a time, he ended every sentence with the word “peacock.” He also sometimes spoke for many hours without pause, and claimed to talk to angels.

A portrait of the King George III by English portrait-painter William Beechey.

King George III, by the way, was the monarch during the Seven Years’ War (1756-1763). The British, under the command of his daring peacocks Admiral Samuel Cornish and Brigadier General William Draper, invaded Manila on 23 September 1762. After a fierce battle, Intramuros finally fell the following month, 4 October 1762. Aside from the capital, however, the Brits were only able to hold captive Cavite and Pásig; their occupation of Malolos, Bulacán, was short-lived. Finally, when the war ended, the Brits left two years later.

George III was also the same king who lost the United States in 1776. Many years later, he lost his favorite daughter, Princess Amelia, to lingering illnesses. Whereupon he lost his mind.

But his peacock wasn’t lost on me, LOL!!!

Although I already know of King George’s madness, I didn’t know about the hilarious “peacock” part! It was infectiously funny; I couldn’t help ending all my sentences with that word, too, much to the ire of Yeyette, hahaha! Of course, I was just playing around peacock. But you know, my wife is so picón (touchy) peacock. So I better shut up peacock.

Well, gotta go peacock. It’s getting late peacock.

Have a good peacock! 😉


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